Jen’s Quilt, part 2

This morning, I worked on Jen’s quilt a bit. This was before I sliced my finger. Today is October 1st. I have to have the quilt finished before Thursday, October 4th so I can get it to the quilter’s in time for Jen’s birthday. She has no clue.

I actually locked the front door, today. The back door, as well. I didn’t want her to accidentally come home early and find me working on it. She doesn’t have a key. Not that she doesn’t deserve one! It just happens to not be on the keyring she has. She keeps forgetting to put one on there. I used that to my advantage and locked the house down before pulling out the quilt top to add the borders to it.

First, though, I had to size it on my bed. I can’t size it on hers – even though that means gathering up everything and dragging it all the way upstairs to my room. She always has her bed unmade and her pillows all over it. I’m not making her bed just to test the size of quilt! Besides, she’d notice if I made her bed. So, I traipse upstairs and use my own bed. She’s used to me randomly tearing up my bed and remaking it.

Looks great! If you notice, it’s plenty long enough but not wide enough. The Turning Twenty, as we learned with “Winterfest” doesn’t lend itself to wide quilts. So, I plan on adding two 5″ borders to the quilt top.

Those are the two colors I picked for the borders. You’d have to zoom in to see the dots on the lavender.

First border done. I didn’t chance trying to add the second today. It was close to ten o’clock and she was getting off work at 10:45. Unless she got off early. There’s always that threat.

It’s really hard to plan presents with older children. And yes, sometimes I do feel like she’s my child.

The one border did make it longer. I’m thinking the second and then the binding will make the quilt just right.

The Turning Twenty is plenty long enough. Remember, though, this is a Turning Twenty-Four, because she’s turning 24.

I didn’t plan on it that way. The total number of blocks. I had two sets of 12 fat quarters and just decided to make the blanket bigger. I searched everywhere, trying to find some matching fat quarters to make it 25 (a 5×5 quilt), but I couldn’t find any. That’s what I get for waiting 6 months to touch the fat quarters. All the original fabrics are long gone. So, the quilt is a 4×6. I was thinking of doing 6×4 but it would have been terribly wide and then short. So, a 4×6 which equaled 24 pieced blocks. That’s when I realized, planning all this, that it was a Turning Twenty-Four and she’s turning 24. I think that’s cute, myself.

Oh, and of course, make the sewing table look like it hadn’t been touched all day.

Put everything back the way it was and make sure there’s time enough for the iron to cool off. Don’t want her accidentally touching it and knowing that I was using it. Right? She’d ask me what I was working on. Can’t have that!

I’m having fun making this for her when she has no clue but it is very difficult trying to keep the secret! She’s around all the time! I need to come up with some way to throw her out of the house tomorrow or Wednesday and get this last border on and get the back ready so I can turn it in to the quilter on Thursday. At this rate, I’ll have no time to get any other pieces done. No throw pillows for her bed. Nothing. I had designs on making her curtains for her windows in the same lavender – a different print and feel that I found at a discount fabric store. I won’t have time, now. She’ll just have to get over it.

Thank you for listening,


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