Jen’s Birthday – Early

This morning, I was supposed to pick up Jen’s birthday present. It wasn’t quite finished so I had to wait until he called me back to tell me to come get it. It was at just about 4 p.m. when he did. I headed out to the Rendy to drive out and get it, saying nothing to anyone. All of a sudden, Jen and the boys are climbing into the Rendezvous, expecting to go wherever I was going.


(heavy sarcasm, of course)

Since I wasn’t entire sure how to get out of it gracefully, I went ahead and posted all four posts that were scheduled for later this weekend. Since she insisted on going with me, there really wasn’t that much of a choice.

I picked up the quilt and she got it in the car, after having read all about my frustrations hiding it and getting it done without her finding out. She was scared to open it and look at it in the car, which I quickly jumped all over and she finally opened it up and started looking at it.

I think she loves it. She says she does. She’s just a little overwhelmed, at the moment. Of course, that didn’t stop her from posting a bunch of flattering stuff about me on Facebook. I finally stopped her by asking, “Are you bucking for a raise or just general butt-kissing?” It was meant to be funny but she did stop with the overabundance of flowery words. Makes me nervous!

The boys were fighting her for whose quilt it was.

She ended up taking it across the street to show off to our neighbor and then over to our other friend, Meg. Everyone thought it was beautiful but, as the one who made it, I can only thing of the oopses and uh-ohs. I’m glad she likes it but I had a lot of fun just teasing her about not making her one, knowing hers was going to be done soon.

The best part about all of this is her ability to test out this quilt this weekend. She asked for $69 on Monday, she wanted it as a birthday present. Since we can’t afford to pay her very much, I agreed to see what I could do. She used it to schedule her birthday in Ashton, Idaho. A cabin rented out by the United States Forest Service. It is only $30 a night, so she asked for money to take us up there for our last hoorah before winter sets in. This place has no electricity and only wood fire heat. She’ll be able to check if I’ve made her quilt warm enough throughout the weekend. Of course, she put all of this in place before knowing I was making her a quilt. I call it a win-win except that was another reason I went so very dry on funds this week. Oh well, we’ll pull through and she will have a great birthday!

Today, I took the boys to collect some leaves again. The ones we got the other day dried out before I could get them wrapped in parchment paper. I would have done wax paper, if we had any. We walked down on a street here in our town and collected many leaves. I hadn’t noticed it was so beautiful on that quiet residential street until I got called to fix my client’s computer today.

As I said, we collected quite a few. My boys put a couple in books and placed them under their mattresses to flatten and dry that way and then got bored. I guess collecting and pressing leaves is a girl thing? That makes me sad. I was hoping they’d really enjoy it.

Maybe we’ll try again in a few days. It’s no big deal if they don’t like it – they don’t have to like everything that I like to teach them how to do.

Speaking of teaching my boys, would you like to know a sure-fire way to get your boys/children to read more often? Caiden loves to chew bubble gum. I finally decided to get the “Bazooka Bubble Gum” that has Bazooka Joe comics inside? To be able to have a piece of gum, I require Caiden to read me the comic. He learns new words and practices the ones he knows. I do that with a few other things but the gum is the biggest part of why he reads just a bit better than most his age. Just a hint for y’all.

And for the final topic… I finally finished the quilt top for my own bed: 3-In-A-Row. I daresay, it looks beautiful!

It appears to be the perfect size, even with a little shrinkage from the quilter’s process. I can’t wait to get it quilted and replace Blood Red on my bed. I love Blood Red but this one has been made specifically for me. The colors, in my opinion, suit me better. I’m not really a pure-red type person. More of a maroon type. This one, the “3-In-A-Row” is a perfect combination of the colors I enjoy. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with Blood Red. Maybe I’ll give it away for Christmas?

Just kidding, Jen.

Thank you for listening,


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3 thoughts on “Jen’s Birthday – Early

  1. The reading thing. some boys esp are just not that into it. my hubby for example only read his course books for the longest time. then one day on a longhaul flight with terrible movies I convinced him to stop bugging me and read a book. that was the turning point. When they are a little older those books that have alternate endings and choices you make decides what happens might appeal. I used to love those.
    Happy Birthday Jen! what a lovely idea for a celebration for you all and what brilliant value. love the quit its young bright colours are just right she will surely treasure it.
    I can’t believe how nice your bed frame is and how little you paid. your new quilt is great too. softer colours. you certainly know how to get these quilts done.

    • Fay – quilts = therapy. Not to mention, despite the occassional upsets, I’ve always ideas in my head. Just lacked the ability to but it together. I finally get to.

      I’m replying viaa my phone. Will say more later on.

  2. The finished birthday quilt looks beautiful – well done! I also really like the 3-in-a-Row quilt, great design and colours. My husband likes it too and he has very definite likes / dislikes where quilt designs are concerned, so its another one I should keep in mind. Thanks for the inspiration!

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