Getting Ready

I was flat broke on Tuesday. It was an awful, horrible day and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get out of the mess I was in. A combination of “Oh, crap! Today is picture day,” a couple/few forgotten debits plus the yearly debit that has been in place for near 10 years that hit at the wrong time. At the end of the entire fiasco, the boys’ pictures were ordered (last minute) and I had $3 left in my pocket. I had a half tank of gas in Rendy and decided to just go for it. Do what I’ve been telling myself I would do every October since Caiden was old enough to walk. Every October, it’s the day before or the last day before I remember. I swore that this year, I would not forget and we would not go at the last minute.

I loaded up the boys and the Nanny and hit the road. A bit across town, there’s a place called the U-Pick Red Barn. Basically, you come there in October and get your pumpkins and miscellaneous fall vegetables, hay bales for decorating and other such items. They have a train that runs around the land set aside for this venture and a hay bale maze to lose your children in. When it is all said and done, they have a chicken coop where you can see the guys (and gals) in action. Yes, I know it’s a turkey, Jen. I messed up my wording.

A huge red barn – hence the official name, right? Full of pumpkins but they typically have other items, as well.

We got there and I asked the guy to refresh my memory on what it cost for the train ride.

He said, “It’s $2 per person, adults included.” I pulled out my last remaining $3 and said, “This is all I’ve got in the world. I’ve not even the change to buy a soda. Will you take this for my two boys to ride?” He took pity on me and admired my gorgeous boys waiting to ride the train and relented, “I guess I can do that.”

Climb on board, boys. Pick your seats but stay put! Jen won’t be able to ride with you, this year, so behave yourself!

Caiden and his missing two front teeth. He’s still gorgeous in my completely and thoroughly bias opinion!

A few more people showed up as my boys were getting loaded on the train and we waited for them to climb on board. When everyone was settled, I actually sent my boys (for the very first time) off on the train without mom or Nanny to guard them. Yes, I bit my fingernails when I wasn’t taking pictures. I wasn’t sure if Caiden was going to get rambunctious and jump off the train.

Like this. No, the train wasn’t moving, yet.

And off they go! So far, so good.

I kept an eye on them until they went behind the corn rows. A side note: A lot of time, when I call for the boys, I say, “Children of the corn!” And, if they are in a good mood, they typically reply, “Mommy of the corn!” I hope they don’t remember this when they are watching the movie(s) “Children of the Corn” later in life. Of course, I chuckle when I say that – I am hoping they do remember and then ask me why I would call them such a thing. It’s a joke – I like it and it doesn’t hurt them.

I’m quite sure Caiden would rather be driving the train. At one point, my dad made mention that he hoped he lived long enough to see Caiden become a Conductor and take “Pop-Pop” for a ride on his train. I’m hoping the same thing but I see Caiden gradually outgrowing trains. Since he’s been fascinated with them since he could speak (and has all the parts of a train memorized since about 2), I’m a little sad about this new shift in his desires. I’m hoping the original train thoughts stick with him for life.

Going on around. So far, so good – as far as babies staying in their seats!

All done – time to navigate the maze.

“Caiden? Where are you?” “Here I am, Mom!”

“Hey, Mom! You know, it’s easier if I climb over the maze?”

And then, of course Brendan had to try and climb on top of the maze. Not as easy for him – he’s just a tad shorter.

Picture before we head home. We didn’t get any pumpkins. I had to explain to my boys that we couldn’t get any right at the moment. Maybe later.

When we got home, the boys helped Jen with one of the chores I imposed on her. Dusting all the baseboards – cleaning them up and getting the summer dust and dirt off them.

Today, I had a random thought. I have a smaller electric fireplace in my bedroom. It’s mostly decorative. I haven’t used it overmuch since moving into this house. Of course, winter isn’t upon us, as yet, but I had an idea of how best to use it.

My dining room is near always cold. I need to get the window fixed so I can close the storm windows and, even then, I still think I’ll have a draft. There’s a sliding glass door to the back yard and I’m quite sure it’ll keep this room rather cool all winter.

So, I decided to put that little electric fireplace in the dining room. Take the chill out of the room in a fun and decorative way. I’m a sucker for fireplaces – real wood indoors, electric ones or a fire pit with a roaring fire outside. A fireplace signifies all that is right with the world and, at one time, it was an excellent way to try and work out things with ex #2. Obviously, in the end, it didn’t work – but the effort was there.

Back to the dining room. In deciding to put this cute little fireplace in the dining room, I had to rearrange a bit and clean it up in the process. Not a problem. I’ve been setting the Nanny to little tasks all over the house and yard, in the process of getting ready for winter and Caiden’s upcoming birthday party. I did a deep clean of the dining room while I rearranged to fit everything in a fashion that was pleasing to the eye. The following pictures are the results of those efforts.

The small yet satisfying electric fireplace.

Some of my prized cook book finds this summer. Of course, there’s one that was a gift and a delightful one. It goes perfectly on the fireplace in the dining room.

“The Fireplace Cook Book,” given to me by a friend this summer. I love it and it fits perfectly.

The Dining Room.

And now, you’re like, “What the?”

It’s batter to make crepes for lunch (remember, broke – so no bread – crepes serve just as well). Why are they green? Well, it’s quite simple. Brendan loves green and I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to color it another color. It worked, it didn’t stain our teeth and Brendan loved them.


A couple nights ago, we had chicken with our dinner. I put the remains in the fridge. Tonight, I was trying to decide what to serve for dinner tomorrow night. I remembered the chicken. And then, I remembered what I had in the freezer…

The top frozen glassware is chicken noodle soup remains from a few weeks back. The bottom on is the remains from a spaghetti dinner. So, I took out the frozen homemade chicken noodle soup. Tomorrow, I’ll through our left over chicken in a crock pot with the leftovers from before, add a box of Swanson’s Chicken Broth and let it simmer all day. Delicious and warm dinner for a fall night. Any time we have spaghetti or chicken noodle soup left over, it goes in the freezer to get the next dinner started. Something I near always have done but now have a purpose in doing it.

In taking the fireplace from my bedroom, I left an empty spot in my bedroom. So, after lunch and before going to get Caiden from school, Jen helped me redesign my room to fill the blank where the fireplace was. This is what we came up with.

Voila! Of course, I have to figure out how I am going to tie back those curtains to create halves on each side. No hurry – no one ever sees that room except for Jen and I (and the boys when they climb in my bed in the middle of the night).

That’s about all I’ve got, for right now. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about Caiden’s first play date and how weird his mom is. Yes, I am talking about me – being weird. It’s late. I’m going to get some sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Good for you mum! you got a lovely experience and memories for your remaining few dollars. That takes guts. I remember one time I didn’t have bus fare and took bags of pennies I had been saving. they were counted out into money bags. The bus driver refused to take me ( to work) not good at all. more recently I bargained smaller ice creams for a smaller price cause I was out of cash. another I got the children I was caring for to do some baking, doubled the amounts of flour and took some home to have food that night, yet another I pretended to be a school kid to get a half fare lol that was a long time ago.. being inventive is key in these situations but it does give a certain satisfaction doesn’t it.
    Your rooms look lovely! I am interested in that fireplace idea. I long for a fireplace.
    Have a good day 🙂

    • Mothers do what they must, don’t they?

      Have a great night/day! I can’t quite figure out your time in relation to my own. 🙂


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