That didn’t go the way I wanted it to!

My son took his birthday party invitations to school with him. I explained the best I could that he had to be careful and make sure he didn’t mess them up. He was told to be very careful with them and to not eat the small package of Sixlets candy that was stapled to them. He was terribly excited and I was, as well. I couldn’t wait until he got home to hear how it went, passing out his Halloween Birthday Party Invitations.

Very shortly after they left, I got a call from the Nanny. My children attend a Christian Private School and they are not allowed to have ghosts and goblins, witches and talk of such at school. His invitations were summarily rejected. I’m not all that I should be, in the Christian sense. I honestly didn’t realize that it would be an issue. I know my children will probably dress up as super hero characters, so it didn’t occur to me that it would be an issue with the ghoulish Halloween pictures on the invitations. Obviously, I was wrong. Most definitely a learning experience.

So, now we have to shift our entire focus. Instead of the traditional (and non-Christian) pictures on the invitations, I am redoing the invitations with super hero characters. The poem I copied from a 1930’s book on how to give parties would have to be modified to accept the new theme. Printing 30 new invitations on card stock paper with a printer that’s on its last legs. I was so happy about coaxing it to print the first 30 – I’m not sure how these are going to go. Here’s hoping and praying, right?

I know that most children don’t do the ghosts and witches for Halloween, anymore. They do things like princesses and super heros. Firemen and army guys. But, how does this affect the way I was decorating my house? Would I have to (need to) redo the decorations we have put up and try for different ones?

I’m at a loss on what to do and very unsure and unsteady about the whole party thing, now.

All I can say is, “Ugh.”

Thank you for listening,


P.S. Local friends, HELP!

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6 thoughts on “That didn’t go the way I wanted it to!

  1. What a shame, If it was me I would have a ring round and say to the parents you are inviting kids of. does a Halloween party theme bother you. if a majority say no. I say hand deliver round the houses and all systems go. if the majority say yes it does… ekk! here’s hoping its the former.

    • It’s not possible to contact the parents. Such information is guarded and private. I’ll just have to go with the modified theme – and try to figure it out.

      Thank you!


  2. So sorry this has happened 😦 so whats it to be? Superheros? how far along are you with the planning and buying?

    • I’ve gotten a few decorations – the ones you saw in my front yard. I’ve modified it to princesses and super heroes. Budget is tight, so I was shopping the traditional Halloween $1 stuff. I don’t know if they have $1 superhero stuffs. Planning-wise? I have a few small games in mind that are neutral – they won’t harm anyone with scary thoughts.

  3. ok so not too much damage done. how about bubble wrap pop ( good filler activity stomping on larger bubble wrap) pass the parcel but with super hero or princess dares. a craft activity like making necklaces for girls ( could be buttons or pre glued spiris of wallpaper you can wind round a knitting needle) boys could make super hero badges ( not sure about the pin though- maybe super hero wrist ties with a badge type centre) musical chairs, musical statues. free dancing with bubble maker going if you have one. a lolly pop hunt ( key holes are good)
    try to plan the games from active to calmer before you lay on the food or a craft activity. colouring pages are another good filler. some kids always finish first. keeping them at the table ( if you let them down they all want down)
    Just some random thoughts 🙂

  4. decorating the paper going home bag is another good one. lots of balloons, those punch baloons always go down well too.

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