Halloween Party Approaches!

This morning, Brendan lost the coin toss and had to accompany Jen to the store to get an item or two for the drive we were planning on taking. While he was gone, I told Caiden I was going to take a shower and he needed to behave until I was done. He said he would and I hopped on in.

When I got out, he was playing with a necklace he found on my bathroom counter. He told me there was a small knot in the necklace he couldn’t get out. I got it out for him and he mentioned he wanted to see what else was in my jewelry box. Because I so often tell him no, this time I said yes. We carried it to the kitchen and, leaving Jen to guard but not distract, I let my boys burrow through my treasures. It’s not all jewelry – a lot of it is little things I’ve collected through the years.

They had a great time and enjoyed placing my rings and necklaces about themselves.

Every now and again, mom has to say, “Sure. Why not.” My jewelry was none the worse for it and they had a great time. By the end of it, I was clean and my hair was done, so we packed up a picnic lunch and got in the Rendy. It’s still behaving quite well. It has a problem or two with hills but, as long as we take it careful, it serves us pretty well.

We drove out through Arco, this time. We’ve exhausted Warm River and Mesa Falls for now and needed something new. It was a pleasant drive and got even more so as we approached the mountains. We got out and played near a stream for a bit – and collected some sticks for our fireplace, this winter.

A beautiful spot, even though it is surrounded by farm weeds and mountains. There was a spot or two that I found very interesting and wished I could actually climb up to it to look inside. I didn’t dare but I thought of message to another blogger I know and asking him to take a hike up there and get pictures for me. I’m quite sure he’d enjoy it, from what I’ve seen on all the other trips he’s taken!

Way up high on the mountain face, there’s a cave of sorts. I want to know how far back it might go and what it looks like. However, with my back, I’m sure to hurt myself trying to get up that high, so… no dice.

Jen was driving the car a bit away and then we’d walk to it. We did this a few times, probably walking a mile, total. The next time we walked past the car (nearly a quarter mile, I guess), we noticed some cool caves up on the hill. My 4-year old swore he could climb up to the cave and I was near powerless to stop him.

He took off like a shot, working his way up the mountain, through the slippery rock crumbles. I finally yelled at the Nanny to step in and make sure, if he slides down, he won’t hurt himself. She did and she got them both back down to the bottom safely. He kept saying to me, “See? I told you I was a good climber!”

His brother Caiden was bound and determined not to be outdone by his brother. While Jen ran back to get Rendy, I let the boys climb up to the cave. I was behind them the entire time, hoping I would be able to stop their downhill slide, if they tripped up.

This is the cave Brendan wanted to get to.

Looking down on Jen from the cave. She thought we were nuts and, trust me, it’s steeper than it looks from where we are.

Brendan wanted to keep going to the top and out of the cave on the other side. Which is much higher than where we entered! He really does like climbing. I’m going to have to keep this in mind as he gets older – give him instruction so he doesn’t hurt himself.

This is us watching him climb on through the cave to see how it looks out the top of it. Caiden, of course, got jealous and had to do the same thing when Brendan finally came out.

I’ve noticed that Caiden is like that. He feels like he is in competition with his brother. Whatever Brendan does or says, he has to mimic or try to do better. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Brendan was the older brother and Caiden was trying to keep up with him!

Just a few steps from the opening of this cave, we found another. It goes back quite a long ways into the dark of the stone and I wouldn’t let my boys go in there. I actually got worried about claustrophobia – which I’m sure my boys do not have but I have no cause to give them any opportunity to develop it at such a young age. We just peeked in it and I tried to get a picture of how deep (and up) into the rock it went.

You really can’t tell from this picture, but I promise you – it goes back very far and angles upwards into the rocks. We were pretending to check for bears (even though it was too narrow for such) and our voices echoed. After this, I decided we needed to climb back down. Except….. the Nanny decided she needed to go back up the mountain face and see what and where Brendan’s original cave came out at.

This is the hole that Brendan was trying to climb up and out of – at the top of the mountain!

Caiden and Brendan both climbed up there with Jen (and so did I) to see the hole. It was a steep one. I’m a little sore and my back hurts from following everyone up and then back down again. From there, we kept going on down the road, checking out various things as we went. Nothing as exciting as my boys climbing a mountain, that’s for sure!

We got home later that evening and cooked hot dogs and sausages on the grill. The boys were a little bit wired for sound, so I put them to bed at 7 – and they were asleep by 7:15. That means an early morning for me but, o’well. If I wore them out so bad, they had to fall asleep that quick, it’s no skin off my teeth.

Tonight, I’m printing invitations to Caiden’s 6th birthday party. I’m hoping to make it a grand Halloween party for him and Jen and I have ideas for some really awesome prizes for best dressed girl and boy. I can’t wait but I’m nervous about making sure it goes off great!

We didn’t do much else – obviously – but we had a great day. Or, at least, in my opinion, we did. It’s nice to be able to focus on babies and not worry about other things. Yes, I’m speaking about men. I am glad that I can focus on them and doing things with them and not worry about hurting someone else’s feelings because I am not devoting 100% percent of my attention on them. I can just hop in a car and take them somewhere for an afternoon without worrying about anything except gas money and snacks/picnic foods.

Speaking of which, on our way out there, Jen mentioned stopping by her sister’s house in Arco and grabbing some snacks. I told her to go ahead and call her. Her sister and husband packed us two grocery sacks of snacks to take with us on our mountain excursion. That was an awesome deal and we enjoyed ourselves eating what was packed. The boys enjoyed it because it wasn’t all the healthy stuff I try to pack. Not that I succeed – I just said I try.

So, it was a great day and we enjoyed ourselves. The boys are passed out cold and it’ll be a nice memory in the future.

Thank you for listening,


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One thought on “Halloween Party Approaches!

  1. Sounds brilliant:) Arco rings a real bell, we might well have been. I will have to dig out some pics to check. Halloween party great idea. Loads of fabby suggestions on web, I used to do one each year when Amy was younger, might well again next year onwards. Hope it goes well.

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