Is Fall Finally Here?

Why, yes it is! However, you’ll have to read the entire thing to find out why I’m so excited about fall and all it offers.

To start, a story from the other day. I believe it was Friday, when Caiden was at school. I wanted a green olive for a snack. I got out the jar and started nibbling on one, then pulled another one out and put it on my fork.

Brendan walked in and asked me what I was eating. I decided to play coy and make him beg for a bite. You know, the old reverse psychology thing. I remember, long ago, my parents did that. They were having saltine crackers and a dab of butter for a snack. They told all of us kids that it was their snack and they weren’t allowed to have any. Of course, we all wanted some and I remember trying to find a time to taste it for myself. It was a pretty cool way to do it, if I do say so myself. So, I did the same thing to Brendan. I told him it was mine and he couldn’t have any.

He said, “I know what that is. We did it at school, not this day.” I said, Well, what is it?” He said, “Wait” and ran to the drawer in the kitchen where I was keeping all their school papers in a file folder. Later, I’ll go through them with their daddy and decide which ones to keep for their “special things to save” and which to toss. He got in the drawer (I didn’t think he realized I was saving things) and pulled out his folder. He started flipping through it, trying to find the picture he was looking for.

He eventually found it and showed me what I was eating.

I asked him what they were and, after seeing the picture and the word, he said, “Olives.” Now, he can’t read. But, he is starting to recognize words and he can remember to what they were, even though it has been a week or so since.

After the discussion on what it was and the putting back of mommy’s file folder, I reminded him he couldn’t have it, anyway. It was my olive. He said he wanted to try one. After a bit of discussion, I finally let him.

He gave it back. I’m quite sure he was very disappointed at the taste, after all that work and effort into getting to try a bite of it.

Dinner Friday night was BBQ Chicken and Salad. We got quite a bit of BBQ sauce at the case-lot sale we went to, a week ago, so I’m using it as I can without using it too much. The boys don’t seem to mind.

Last night, we watched Avengers. I think my boys are finally settled into what they want to be for Halloween. Caiden wants to be Thor and Brendan wants to be Captain America. After that movie, we went to Shari’s and had a piece of pie while I read two chapters of Charlotte’s Web, leaving two chapters to read tonight (which you’ve already read about, I’m quite sure). The boys were so tired, I put them to bed when we got home. They need it and were out cold in less than ten minutes.

This morning, Jen got called into work, so I got up early (even though I knew the boys were going to sleep in) and made her some pancakes to eat before leaving. She called me nice. I bit her head off, told her not to call me that again. So, what does she do? She posts it on Facebook! Seriously!? I should spank her.

After she left, the boys and I got dressed and went to the Dollar Store. The point was to get some Halloween decorations. I picked up some 85 items, put several of them back. I ended up spending just shy of $50 – the amount I had for Farmer’s Market today. My boys and I decided it was a great spend.

When we got home, the first thing I did was pull out my old Halloween decorations and set up the door to scare the death out of the Nanny when she came home. It’s flashy lights and a motion sensor that, when triggered, emits some pretty creepy Halloween noises. I managed to get her good.

We spend quite a bit of time setting up the minimal decorations that we had and the ones that we purchased. We got a bit of stuff set up for the coming fun.

This is on our front door (and was when Jen got home). If we turn on the sensors, this is the last warning before getting scared by our wierdo Halloween sounds.

We decorated our windows. I’m not so keen on the spiders on the window. We all remember that I’m not comfortable with spiders in any way, shape or form. However, I have to try to get in the spirit with the boys growing older.

My boys got out their old costumes (from two years ago) and tried them on. Caiden’s is very tight.

Brendan’s still fits. I know he’s grown. He’s outgrown a few clothes. But, his costume still fits, two years later!

Getting ready to set up some decorations outside.

We got little night lights to light the path to our house – and hoped the sun would hit them enough to make them glow at night.

I think it looks alright. Would be better if we had grown grass or flowers in this section before winter started getting this way. We’ve worked on it all summer, cleaning up all the dead flowers and weeds and then getting it ready to take flowers. We didn’t get it finished.

We bought two spider web nettings to try and set out fake spider webs in our yard. This is the beginning of the end. This one will end up in the trash, at some point.

After this, I tried to help. It was a miserable failure and we trashed it.

I’ll close this post and caution: there’s one more coming. What we did with the rest of our day.

Thank you for listening,


UPDATE: I forgot to mention something. Yes, they did light up tonight:

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3 thoughts on “Is Fall Finally Here?

  1. You are getting all spooky 🙂 the trick with that web stuff is to pull it crazy wispy thin.

    • You are more than welcome to come help us set up the other one. Of couse, they were only a dollar apiece, so a failure doesn’t hurt … too bad.

      🙂 Naia.

      • I am always jealous of the low prices in America. ebay is helping. our local pound store shut till a new building is built i miss it so much

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