Books, Books, and more Books…

I decided that we really needed to get out of the house and do something “Fall-ish.” About 3 p.m., we got in the car and drove towards Rigby. From there, we went through Menan. I noticed they had a great sidewalk walkway that was open to the public, so we pulled over. I had Jen bring a few old reusable lunch bags and I told my boys we were going to collect some leaves. Caiden didn’t want to. He said it wasn’t going to be fun and he wanted to go home. I forced him to continue.

“Mom. They are too high!”

“This one is the right size.”

Playing in some leaves. They ended up jumping in them but my camera bit the dust, so I don’t have a lot of pictures. It was accidentally dropped and the lens bent in such a way, it can’t come out far enough to take good pictures. It’s still under warranty, especially for accidental damage, but the amount of pictures I get to take will be quite limited.

We found a yard sale in Menan and stopped by. I picked up this entire set of books (The Library of the World’s Best Literature dated 1897, a 30-volume set and I am now only missing number 30, he had all other 29) for a ten-spot. The guy was looking to clean out all the “things” his mother had stored away over the years. She was a veritable packrat and I promised the guy I would be back later to help him go through and help him clean things up. It’s my hope, if I help him, he’ll give me all the other old books that he (or I) find in his storages.

He gave me these books for 38 cents on the promise that I come back.

As we headed home, Caiden piped up, “Picking up leaves wasn’t so bad. It was fun. We can do that again.” I smiled and said, “ok.”

That’s about it for catching things up.

Thank you for listening,


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