Another One Bites The Dust

Yesterday, I let the boys watch “Wrath of the Titans” with me and we ate Pizza Hut pizza. Instead of doing homework or housework or heading out of the house to do whatever, I sewed a little while we watched the movie. I’ve noticed that Caiden really enjoys a good movie – especially about the old times with the false gods and all that it entails. I see no harm in letting him watch such movies. I stress that it is not real and I assume he understands. I refuse to shelter him from everything. Brendan, on the other hand, doesn’t sit and watch movies, just yet. I can get him interested in some but he still lacks the patience to sit through the entire thing. Even cartoons, he has a hard time sitting for an hour and a half. That’s ok, though. He’ll grow. He’s still little.

I just stepped out for a smoke. I’m at Shari’s, this afternoon. On my way back in, I saw my friend Kim’s husband. I politely said Hi and he responded. Then, he asked, “When is Caiden’s dad going to be in town? We are planning a father/son breakfast and I think it would be rude to plan it without knowing if his dad is in town?” I answered him and spoke to him about my idea for Caiden’s birthday and as I was leaving, he said, “God bless you, sister.” I thanked him and walked in, full of wonder.

He actually thought about my children in the planning of an event with the Royal Rangers! How many realize, recognize and try to understand that my sons’ father works out of state for 4 weeks at a time? How many understand his frustration with not being there for events that concern his children? I thought it was awesome that this one, at least, understood and tried to get it all together so the father could come. I smile, warmed by that thought.

Another One Bites The Dust. I should say, “Another tooth bites the dust.” This morning, Caiden lost his second tooth. He came to me yesterday to tell me it was loose and I predicted four more days. He grumbled and went to bed. I’m not sure what was going on with him but he refused to go to sleep, last night. I finally swatted him a good one and didn’t hear another word. I’m used to Brendan being the one to refuse to go to sleep, so it was astonishing for me to find Caiden still awake and screwing around in his bed an hour after bedtime. I don’t like swatting him, now.

I’ve a rule. Right, wrong or otherwise, I’ve set personal rules in place for myself. I did not “slap” my boys’ hands until they were at least a year old, I never popped them on the butt until after a year old but not quite two. I’ve tried to only use that as a last resort when all manner of talking and threats/punishments were ignored. I can’t say I’m perfect and I won’t. I will say, that Caiden quickly grew to understand that pushing me to the spanking part didn’t make sense and, most of the time, avoids that. He is now of an age where I don’t have to go that far with him. He listens and minds well enough that I get to save my hand from meeting his backside – most of the time.

Brendan, on the other hand, manages to push my buttons until he gets a swat/spanking every night. Except last night. If it weren’t for the missing tooth on Caiden last night, I would have thought he and Brendan switched beds, last night! Brendan was out cold and Caiden was the one fighting me and fighting sleep an hour after bedtime.

This morning, he told me his tooth was “very loose” and I took a look at it. I pulled a time or two and told him it wasn’t ready. I mentioned that it was going to hurt and he might want to wait. He said, “That’s ok. It only hurts for a minute.” The Nanny handed me a paper towel and I used that for friction and tried one more pull. No tooth. I told Caiden it wasn’t coming out and he said, “Yes, mom. It will. Pull it out.”

I said, “Ok. One more time and then we wait until you get out of school.” He said, “Ok” and I pulled. Pop! Tooth came out. I wrapped it in the paper towel as fast as I could (one handed) and stuck the towel back in his face to help clean up the blood.

Now, my child has two missing teeth in the front of his face. And, I learned something about trust. Even with the spankings and fights that we’ve gotten into, my son trusts me. Caiden trusts me not to hurt him and, when I do, he can handle it – like pulling his tooth out. Isn’t it amazing to know, even though I’ve made any mistakes, my son still trusts me? I am overwhelmed.

This morning, I started working on the quilt I am making for my own bed. I got two rows done and sewn together.

It is looking marvelous! I can’t wait to finish it, even though I am taking way too much time doing it. In the picture, you can see all the blocks lined out, waiting for me to add the sashing. In my opinion, it just gets monotonous, sewing the same thing, every time. I get distracted and work on other ideas that pop in my head. That’s ok. I have “Blood Red” on my bed, for right now.

I picked up this following picture for $20. Someone made a quilt top similar to my own – except they used flowers for the white sections. I can do what I want with it from here and I find myself curious as to what I might be bale to come up with to finish it off as a twin sized quilt.

Oh, and I did get to pick this up from the Quilter. It cost me $20 plus tax and I think he did a great job at showing off my first attempt at the 6-Point Stars.

I just have to flip the back to the front and sew it down for the binding. I love it and it shows off something I learned.

Last on my list of things to catch up on is the book I ordered quite some time ago and head delivered to the wrong address.

I can’t wait to finish Charlotte’s Web so I can read them some of Rudyard Kiplings short stories. More to come!

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. I read someplace dolphins hold their babies underwater denying them air a little if they are naughty. I bet they get heeded:) You are raising boys. they can need a firm hand. better that then them running wild.
    I only need to give my kids a look to get them in line but I am a scary lady lol.

    • Aye. I agree with that – my boys are scared of my look, most of the time. Occasionally, they are just on the other side of super-tired-hyperspastic and don’t listen to a bloody thing.

      🙂 Naia.

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