Biscuits & Gravy

This morning, I tried my hand at Biscuits and Gravy. I purchased the gravy at the bread store yesterday. It didn’t seem too hard, so I went ahead and tried it. I couldn’t find any biscuits at the bread store (and I’m not too keen on making them at 6:30 in the morning), so I also brought home some hot dog rolls with the intent of using them for breakfast.

I just realized, I forgot to add the sausage crumbles I have in the freezer. O’well. Next time, right? The boys did manage to eat it all up, so it must have been good.

Warming the buns.

It was actually quite tasty. I will say, the part where it says this is “peppered” wasn’t lying. I could taste it. I actually love that taste but I am not sure if it might have been a bit much for the babies. I don’t add salt or pepper to my food – with only 2 or 3 exceptions – so it was nice to taste something pre-peppered and tasting great.

My exceptions to the rule of not adding salt or pepper to anything?

1. Cottage cheese – pepper is a must

2. Sliced tomatoes as a snack by themselves – a dash of salt

I can’t really think of any more, right at the moment. But, other than that, I don’t touch the salt or pepper bottles. Not anymore. I’ve been teaching the Nanny (and my boys by extension) to enjoy things as they come. Whether it be restaurants or at home. When we eat out, we no longer require any condiments at all for our food. Yes, of course we do ketchup for fries. But, I’ve even got Jen eating hash browns without drowning them in ketchup. Steak sauce? Not any more. If the steak arrives and its too dry to eat on its own, I don’t order steak from that place ever again. I shouldn’t have to *add* anything to what I eat after its cooked. Strange, I know. Cuts down on the amount of stuff I eat, though.

On Tuesday night, I did head back downstairs and start making a blue star version of the 9-Patch I was creating for the Quilt Guild. I fell in love with the 9-Patch reds and had to make the corresponding blues. I’ll just have to come up with something else for the Quilt Guild, eh?

Now I just have to decide what to do with them, from here. I’ll have to find a “main” block to have these around. Something fun.

Let’s run a contest. If you give me ideas on what “patriotic” block I could make with these to make this a larger throw blanket (and I use that), I’ll send you one jelly roll from the collection I have left from my store. Tonight, I’ll post a picture of the jelly roll I pick. Let’s say… Monday as a deadline for helping me pick a “block” to add and make this into something awesome.

I don’t have a lot else, picture-wise, from yesterday. I did stop by the bread store and, right next to it, is a thrift store. I went in and found @22 books at 25c or 50c apiece. And yes, I am still collecting any and all books with dates prior to 1960. Some exceptions to that rule, if I find a really good hardback book from 1960 or later. I thought it was awesome, the price of the books I found!

Towards the back, you’ll see a Betty Crocker Home Decorating book from 1959-1960. I have browsed through it and it’s delightful. I’m sure I’ll be posting more on that in the days to come. And yes, I paid 50c for it!

The rest of the books. I really want to break into them and start reading them. Some are for reading to my boys, as we finish up Charlotte’s Web. What I should do is write a post about all the books I’ve collected this summer – with names and dates. Hmmm.. That’s an idea.

Today, I’m off to the Quilter’s. He should have the last two of my quilts down and ready for me to pick up. When I pick those up, we’ll be completely caught up on all the quilt tops I have done. Time to start trowing more at him for Christmas, etc.

My boys went to Royal Rangers again, last night. Second time returning to our former church for the Wednesday night kids programs. Apparently, when the Nanny went to pick them up, she was given a message that I have *got* to stop by on Sunday. Hmmm… I’m not sure. My feelings are still hurt and the words were said. I’ll have to think about it.

I had a friend visit last night and, I have to tell ya, there’s just something about a warm drink (coffee/tea/hot chocolate) and friendship in front of a fire making noise in the background. It almost feels like all is well with the world. Of course, to make that happen, it’s got to be fall or winter. I’ll never complain about it being cold and winter, that’s for sure. Every chance I get, I’ve been lighting a fire and just sitting and listening to it.

The Nanny, my friend and I had a pleasant conversation in front of the fire until she remembered she had to get home (it was after 10 p.m.) to her husband. O’well. Next time!

Not a lot else, right now. Have a great day! Just as I was signing off, Jason Aldean, “She’s Country” came on the radio. I call that a “Hell Yeah!” to my good day approaching.

Thank you for listening,


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3 thoughts on “Biscuits & Gravy

  1. I love this its a mini quilt but might make a lovely middle too. I have no clue what jelly rolls are and you can’t possibly post to the UK but I hope that helps 🙂
    Its funny seeing the different food you guys use. I like biscuits and if you do have a recipe I would love to have it. I enjoy them mcdonalds style with egg and bacon. over here they use rolls! and I right in thinking they contain suet?
    Our gravy comes in granule form and tends to be a brown sauce. 🙂

  2. Hi! I’m sorry it took so long to sit down and get back to you.

    For a recipe, I have made it from scratch this evening. I’ll try to get it written up before I head to bed for you.

    Thank you for the link! I like it, as well! Not sure exactly what I’ll use, as yet. Still open for ideas!

    Thank you,


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