Mesa Falls, Again

We went back up to Mesa Falls again, today. I was testing out the repairs on the Rendezvous and the boys needed to get out and about and exert some energy. I took roughly 244 pictures. I won’t torture you by posting all of them. I have a few favorites.

Driving slow, looking for animals, I let them sit here and help me watch for them.

Lower Mesa Falls

Out of all the pictures, this is the only one I got with everyone smiling and looking directly at me.

Checking out the falls.


Jen’s new sneakers – just a bright and beautiful blue!

He’s gorgeous even when eating.

Trying to move the bench.

Caiden jumped in to help.

We took a side road on the way home. Found this old bridge. It was pretty and we played on it, a bit.

Of course, we had to cross the bridge to see what’s on the other side.

We found a little house.

Pay no attention to the girl in the picture. She is doing nothing wrong.

Except carrying out an old beat down door from a house that had mostly sunk into earth over the years its been abandoned.

Simply beautiful.

Now that’s a big chair. I want the fire pit.

Caiden being a farmer and trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing. I didn’t tell him to do that. he came up with it all on his own.

We had fun, Rendy did a pretty good job getting us there and back. I’m pleased and I had a great time. I’m hoping the babies, even as tired as they were, had a great time as well. It didn’t take them long to fall asleep when we got home. Of course, they stayed up until 2 a.m. with Jen’s younger brother last night. I can’t believe he let them stay up that late – but they didn’t stop talking about it all day, so I guess they had a good time.

Taking time out from sewing or cleaning or even cooking to take the boys and drive around, checking out the scenery means a lot more than anyone would realize. At least, it my opinion, it does.

Thank you for listening,


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5 thoughts on “Mesa Falls, Again

  1. Lovely boys, it helps doesn’t it. As long as the weather holds I am getting my lot out each weekend 🙂 what will you do with the door?

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