Can’t get stitches if…

You can’t get stitches if you’re missing the skin. The skin has to be attached in some fashion to your body for a doctor to sew the cut back together. At least, that’s my understanding and why I threw the now “extra” skin away. After showing Jen and asking for a bandaid, that is. She is still amazed at how calm I was. I didn’t see the point in freaking out and besides, I have to keep my tough exterior so she never finds out I’m human.

At this point, if I were texting you this story, I’d say, “HA!”

I was watching a movie with Jen and cutting strips as I sewed them. I didn’t think much about it. I was using the ruler as a guide for my razor-sharp rotary blade. Well, the movie was good (the true story of mass killer John Bunting – The Snowtown Murders) and I didn’t look to make sure I had it lined up. It wasn’t. It slid right over the top of the ruler and took a nice chunk of the skin on the side of my left index finger as it went.

I’ll just say, “Ow.”

What was I sewing when I decided I didn’t need the skin on the side of that finger? I was finally putting the sashing on the blanket destined to go on my bed. When I tire of “Blood Red,” that is. I started putting it on, I should say. The pain in the finger got a little too much so I quit for the night. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow night. Meanwhile, we moved upstairs to watch the rest of the movie on the computer and I came here to share pictures and stories with y’all.

This morning, I lit a fire while the boys ate breakfast. I did the easy breakfast: granola and yogurt. The boys like it, so I didn’t se the harm in taking a morning off from cooking.

I think it might become a morning tradition in the cooler months. The boys love having a fire.

That’s about the only picture I have for y’all, tonight. The only other one I got was Jen making some blueberry muffins. Quite a boring day. Of course, they typically are when I’m into a book and can’t put it down.

Ignoring the Coke bottle in the picture. My dinner guest the other night left it behind.

I hope y’all had a great day. I’m going to sign off now and nurse my injured finger. To be honest, it doesn’t hurt as much as it hurts my pride. It’s an ow, but not a detrimental ow. I wonder how long before I can sew again. It’s hard to maneuver fabric when one finger hurts and is wrapped in a bandaid.

Thank you for listening,


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5 thoughts on “Can’t get stitches if…

  1. Ouch! Those chunk missing injuries really hurt.I would so love a fire. Winter is really creeping up on us. where in US are you? Do you get lots of snow? It feels like it’s going to be a snowy year here. I feel it in my bones πŸ™‚

    • I’m in Idaho. We used to get really good winters. This past one was pretty mild. I’m hoping we get hammered this time. I need and must have a good, cold, snowy winter!

      And yes, it does hurt. πŸ™‚


  2. I have been to Idaho, just passing through πŸ™‚

  3. πŸ™‚

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