The Nanny just shared a link she found on her Facebook. Her Aunt Lori shared it on Facebook and she thought she just had to share with me. I should slap her for it. Basically, it’s a link to a video on “Sh*t Mormon Moms Say.” I watched it – it was funny. But, it calls to mind something that simply annoys me.

How many of you know people who say, “Snap” in place of “Shit”? Or, “Gosh” instead of “God”? I agree that we shouldn’t use any of our Lord Father’s names in vain. Says so right in the Bible. I am guilty and do not deny it. I’m attempting to change my behaviors. Lord willing, it will happen soon.

I don’t believe in replacing a couple letters and using that word, instead. It’s no different than saying the original. Why not just learn to not say such things at all? Changing a letter or two is no different than calling Satan, “The Other,” because you don’t want to draw his attention. That’s my viewpoint, anyway.

Speaking of annoyed, I got in trouble at a quilt store, today. I went down there and was looking for some fabrics that I needed to finish a project. It’s the first of the month and I had a few dollars extra towards my goal. While I was there, I sat down and was looking at fabrics right next to another lady. We got to talking and I mentioned that if she didn’t find what she was looking for, I still had a bunch of fabrics from the store I shut down. She was talking about a quilt bazaar she was having with a group of friends in April, if I still had some I wished to sell. We were having a pleasant conversation while we looked to see if the fabrics we each were looking for could be found on the shelves in front of us.

Out of the clear blue, the proprietor (is that the right word) said to me, “Don’t do that in here. Don’t try to sell your stuff. If you insist, you’d better leave. Now.”

I was like, “Huh?”

I was in her store, looking for something I needed. The lady next to me was shopping her store to see if the store had what she needed. We were chatting, as fellow quilters are wont to do and the owner got upset? I find that completely unacceptable.

I ended up leaving and going to the other store in Blackfoot. One that sells fabric for $4.90/yd – much cheaper, by far! I found a few pieces that I could use and went on home.

Now, I’m curious. What’s with the private owners being so… what’s the word… territorial? I thought we were all in this for the betterment of our craft and hobby? I would expect everyone be friendly and helpful. If someone can’t find what they need in your store, you direct them to where they can find it. That way, they know that you are helpful and accommodating and come back to your establishment, the next time. Or, so I figured it would be and that’s how I ran my shop. I was a little miffed.

I took my babies out to eat at a Chinese place, tonight. It’s always fun and doesn’t cost a lot of anything. It’ll pro’lly be the only time we go out to eat this month, so we had fun with it. My babies actually like most of the Chinese food, so that was a great place to take them. The other option is Chuck-A-Rama but it isn’t as “yummy.”

Tonight, I went through quite a bit of photos and got them ready to print and add to my quilt album. I also got some pictures of the Oregon Coast for the same reason. I didn’t have a lot else to talk about tonight, so I’ll just show you the pictures I sent to the photo printer. There’s 42 of them (if I post all of them) – have fun and enjoy!

That’s it. For now, anyway. I hope you enjoyed them. Talk to y’all tomorrow, quite perhaps.

Thank you for listening,


P.S. They are pictures of Oregon, Yellowstone and Mesa Falls.

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4 thoughts on “SNAP!

  1. Lovely pic’s. I have been to yellowstone the buffalo were awesome. I guess times are hard and he is stressing about sales. I would imagine he just lost himself a customer.

    • I’m pretty sure she gets enough business to not worry about me. O’well.

      I love taking pictures in Yellowstone and of the Oregon Coast. I’m sure I’ll post more as time goes on.

      Thank you,


  2. Great photos. Seeing them makes me want to book an air ticket immediately.

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