Holiday/Seasonal Cheer

Remember those 8 point stars I was creating? I finished the table topper for them. It took a little bit, as I was figuring out what they were talking about in the pattern. A black and white pattern doesn’t work so well when your fabrics are all patterned. That’s alright, I’m better at drawing it out and doing it that way, so that’s what I did. I dare say it looks exactly like the original.

That’s the top. I’m about to put it to its back and finish it up.

Pinning it all together and getting ready to quilt it using my own machine. I used a heat-resistant filler so I can actually use this as a hot pad on my dining room table and not stress what it’s doing to the table.

Going around each star and the center square. I also quilted the small quilt inside the center square. That was an adventure in and of itself.

All done! I did a flip from the back to the front for the binding. It came out alright, except there’s a small bit of pucker from doing it that way on such a small item and tight spaces. I think it looks rather good, though. Except for one thing…

While I was trimming away the batting, I snipped the backing/binding in a nasty place. It’s right on the edge. I’ll eventually take a needle and thread and work around it, covering it with a stitch so it doesn’t come unraveled too easily. Whoops.

I had fun making that, even if it got a little frustrating at times. I did learn a lot while doing it and can’t wait to get to the next one. Again, I’ve several projects I’m working on and still haven’t finished the blanket for my bed, yet! I think I am avoiding that one because I don’t want to mess it up. I have to attach the pieces with sashing between all of them and it worries me, accidentally getting them off slightly and ruining the look of the entire quilt.

Now that my sleep schedule is back on track, I stand a chance at getting caught up and/or finished my current projects. Today, I plan on picking up my son and taking him with me while I go in search of something in Blackfoot and Pocatello. Until then, I’ll pro’lly stick close to downstairs at my sewing table and see what I can get done.

Thank you for listening,


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3 thoughts on “Holiday/Seasonal Cheer

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  2. Looks wonderful!

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