Time to Sell!

We have a child in 1st grade and today he brought home his first fund raising paper. Well, technically, his second. The first was the Bike-A-Thon. This one is selling Valu-Cards for local businesses. You get quite a few for only $20. Anyone local that wishes to purchase one, please let me know! My son wants to sell 20 of them so he can have a game for the Wii that Daddy has. I let him walk around to a few houses around here to sell the cards. He sold 2! I was impressed!

One of the doors we knocked on had already bought one from their kids, one door didn’t answer, one door said, “Not right now, thank you.” The other two he knocked on sent him away with a check for $20. I was proud of him – even if he did get a little distracted later on.

And his brother definitely got distracted. At this last house, my 4 year old went inside the lady’s massive pine tree and hid.

At this point, he told the lady, “That’s a long check!” He’d been standing next to her for close to five minutes while she wrote the check. She wasn’t writing it slow, she was recording it in her book and making sure she spelled everything correctly.

And, of course, Brendan was very distracted and bored, so he went running by me while I was trying to take pictures.

The flower the lady gave me the other night is turning white. A total “wow” moment when I saw it. I am used to flowers turning brown when they are getting old and thinking about dying!

I had a good meeting with my fiduciary and the Quickbooks expert. I should have some answers within the next week or so. Otherwise, except for a lot of driving, I didn’t do a whole lot today.

Thank you for listening,


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