Very Long Nap

I ended up taking a very long nap, today. It wasn’t intentional. However, you combine split sleep last night with today’s lunch, a dash of stress over what the attorney sent me and you’ve got a diabetic that passes out cold for 3 hours. Because of that, I’m wide awake and it’s 11:15 p.m. Oh, well. If the Nanny was tired, she’d go to bed. It’s not my fault she’s up late with me!

I was going to go back to bed when the boys left for school and the Nanny to work this morning. It didn’t work out that way. We had scheduled a chimney sweep to come and clean out our fireplace before winter sets in. I figure it’s a safe thing to do and have told Jen that I believe it should be done twice a year. In the fall to clean out the birds and whatnot before winter and in the spring to clean out the winter’s fires. Of course, we had the appointment set for 9 a.m.! No extra sleep this morning.

A nice enough gentleman. I asked him, at one point, “How did you get into chimney sweep work? I thought it was a dying art.” He replied, “My brother bought into the business years ago. I’m a rancher, myself. I help out in the fall a day or two a week.” He was quick and efficient and I assume he did everything properly. It certainly looked good inside the part I use.

The former people living in this house had put chicken wire on the fire grill. I assume to keep the pieces from falling to the bottom. It was an ingenious idea, so this afternoon, since the fireplace was recently cleaned, I asked ex #1 to replace it with a new one.

I’m thinking it all looks great for this coming winter. The nights are getting colder and, for the most part, the days are cooling off, as well. Winter is my favorite time of year. You’ll hardly ever hear a word from me about the cold or the snow in the winter. Let it be cold. I have always said, “You can always add another blanket in the winter. There’s only so many clothes you can take off in the summer.” I’m not a big supporter of summer. If I could move even further north – say, Montana – I’d be quite content.

In any event, winter is coming and my fireplace is ready (and as safe as I can make it – don’t want babies burning up this winter)!

While he was working on that, I brought out the last two blankets I have that needed the binding done. The first, I don’t recall giving it a name, so I’ll call it, “Americana Patchwork.” I love the entire thing and wish I had had enough pieces to make it a lot bigger.

Nice and fluffy batting. No stiff thin stuff. The babies can curl up in it nice and cozy this winter. Or, so I hope!

Pinning it up so I can take it and sew it.

Check out the border/binding. It’s red, white and blue. Yes. That is deliberate and intentional.

I also brought out my “Amish-style Large Block” quilt. I was practicing the binding on that one. I’m here to tell ya, it’s hard and I’d rather not show ya how bad it looks. I’ll need quite a bit more practice to make sure it all stays lined up when its sewn.

Anyone wanna volunteer to help me with learning and applying the binding part? I get the concept. It’s just a matter of getting it to work the way intended.

Later on this evening, I threw the Americana Patchwork out on the back yard and sat with the boys for a few minutes, talking about their day at school. I think the blanket works great!

For lunch, I tried a new recipe. I acquired it from The Spiffy Cookie. It is called, “Peanut Butter Chocolate French Toast.” I modified it slightly. Instead of powdered sugar in the peanut butter, I put Splenda Brown Sugar.

I can’t say I measured the ingredients. I just mixed it up the way that looked good to me. The peanut butter and Splenda brown sugar was a little tough to stir so I threw in a dash of milk.

Time to smear it on the bread:

Place the pieces together like you would a stuffed french toast sandwich and dunk it in the egg, milk and chocolate mixture. Place on griddle.

Looked really good while it was cooking!

Dusted with a little powdered sugar, a small bit of butter, dribble with syrup (Splenda, of course) and eat. Oh, yeah. Eat!

I think it was the overload of bread that did me in. I typically don’t eat bread. Very rarely, actually. When I was done with this, I got so very sleepy. I did just remember, I forgot to take my pills today, as well. Whoops.

Everyone ate their sandwich. Everyone wants me to make it again. As long as I stay away from it (like the Sopaipillas), I’ll be ok. I did end up taking an exceptionally long nap after lunch. Not a good idea to eat this, ever again.

So, what did I do for dinner? Obviously I needed quite a bit of protein after that lunch, so, I came up with a random idea. I took some eggs (about 5 or 6) and added some milk. I threw them in my pan for scrambled eggs. After scrambling them a bit, I added some sausage from the freezer.

Next time, bigger pan. Whoops.

On a side note, does anyone know of an easier way to scramble eggs in a cast-iron pan? I prefer the cast iron. I won’t use anything else. I just need to know how to keep the eggs from sticking so badly and trying to tear off the beautiful seasoning I have.

When that was all done and nicely heated, I took it off the stove and added some Pace salsa. I stirred it up and tasted it, realized it was cooled off because of the sauce, so I threw it in a bigger pan and heated it back up on the stove until everyone was ready to eat.

Threw some on the tortilla shells I was talking about a little while back. The ones with lower carb count than most.

Everyone loves me for such a yummy dinner. I didn’t pass out from too many carbs and was able to work on the quilt a little bit after the boys fell asleep. I didn’t get pictures of what I was working on but you’ll see it soon enough, I’m sure. As of right now, Jen and I are watching the ending of “Darkness Falls.” I don’t think she’ll ever think of the Tooth Fairy the same way again – and my boys are not watching this until they are way over 18, themselves.

I almost forgot to mention, another neighbor stopped by to say Hi, tonight. She apologized for not coming to say hi when I first moved in. She said she’s had a broken foot all summer. But, she did bring a huge flower for my dining room table.

Nice flower! And huge! It really is that big. She seems a nice older lady. Her and her husband were both in the Navy. She drinks coffee, as well. I can’t wait to visit again!

Later on, this evening, Jen and I were walking by my dining room table and she mentioned it was a huge flower. I said, “No. It looks like a flower that blew up!” She didn’t stop laughing for nearly 5 minutes.

Some people, eh?

Speaking of my smart-ass comments, my son did one the other day. Was it yesterday? He stayed home from school on Monday, his cough was so bad and he’d gotten almost no sleep the night before (trust me, I know!). He went to walk back into the house and ran into the sliding glass door. I popped up out of my seat to see if he was alright, but before I could do that, he backed up a step, rubbed his head and said, “Hey, There’s a door there.”

Takes after his mom. It’s awesome.

Time for sleep.

Thank you for listening,


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