I typically get my “allowance,” as I call it, on Mondays. However, I need to have a schedule to work from, now that the boys are in school and the Nanny is gone to her job for part of the day. I’ve been thinking about it quite a lot and have started working towards finally (yes, finally) getting some sort of schedule to my daily life. I’ve decided:

  • Monday – Clean the fireplace room, the kitchen and the dining room. Water the plants and make sure the floors and rugs are cleaned.
  • Tuesday – Clean the living room and the stairs, dusting the book shelves and setting things to rights. Typically, it already is. This idea is for more of cleaning it up good.
  • Wednesday – Clean up the boys’ rooms, the bedding and the floors. Check on needing to replace clothes or socks.
  • Thursday – Downstairs. Get sewing room cleaned up and floor vacuumed. The floor gets to collecting quite a bit of stray threads and fabric shreds. Once a week, need to get down there and clean it up – get it all nice and neat for the next bout of sewing.
  • Friday – Bathrooms. Towels rotated, rugs shaken out, floors swept. Soaps refilled, toothpaste levels checked, etc.
  • Saturday – Typically a family day, so not a lot to do. Unless we straighten up and/or work on the backyard together.

Mondays should be shopping, as that’s the day I get my “allowance.” It’s a great way to start out the week, with food levels restocked after the weekends. The Nanny typically keeps the laundry up and going, so I don’t really need to schedule that part.

I guess it’s time to put it into practice and see how it goes. By splitting up the housework in this fashion, I just might have a little more time to sew or read or whatever has struck my fancy at the moment and not feel guilty about spending time on that and not housework.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for listening,


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3 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. I have never really got it sorted here. I alternate between doing great and doing badly. feeling motivated and not at all. 🙂

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