Warm River

Well, we’ve already established that it isn’t “Warm River.” The boys reminded me tonight that it should be called, “Cold River.” We had fun, had a snack picnic and I took quite a few pictures. Two hundred and ninety-nine, to be exact. I tried out a few different settings on my camera. I don’t know what they are called but it was fun testing them out.

This picture was taken with the “Dramatic” setting:

It’s kind of sharp, isn’t it? If you blow that picture up bigger, it seems to be pixelated a bit. I’m not sure exactly what that setting does to my camera. I took it into Microsoft Office Picture Manager and told it to “Auto Correct.” I wasn’t happy, so I played around. I dropped the “Saturation” to -20 and this is what I got:

I love that picture! I have no formal training. I just fiddle around with my camera. I know next to nothing about taking pictures but, I am having a great time with it. Especially since I started this blog thing. I’d love some hint/tricks/training on what the different things on my camera do and what I can do with the pictures after that. I’m a firm believe in leaving pictures as they are taken. However, with as many scenery shots I’m taking lately, I’d love to know how to make them look absolutely smashing. And my camera? It’s a Kodak EasyShare Max. Nothing special.

Now, for pictures that I took of family and scenery at Warm River:

Checking to see if it’s “Warm” or not. They were very proud to tell me it was still “Cold River.”

Looking at this, the words, “Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird,” keep running through my head. Y’all know what I am talking about?

There’s little fish in the water. Not minnows but smaller fish.

Running around, scaring mom, having a great time in the outdoors. Someone built a fire pit here and it looks like they’ve actually slept under a fallen tree nearby. I think I would like to do that, as well!

“I can do it all by myself.”

Beautiful boys.

Pictures of the water. I had a lot of fun trying to catch the small waves crashing. In this picture, you can actually see the bubbles formed.

Snack time! We came home to eat dinner but did take a snack up there. Celery and peanut butter, strawberries, cucumbers and some crackers. It was a great way to fend off starvation since we were out way past dinnertime.

Being like daddy. I’m not sure he did it on purpose, either.

Duck diving underwater for a fish.

And surfacing again.

I can’t believe I caught this picture. I think it is one of my better ones.

Check out the reflection of the ducks. I was startled again that I actually got a picture this good. At least, good in my opinion.

Daddy threw a rock in the river.

I hate pictures of myself – who doesn’t? Well, anyway… here ya go. I figured this one was the least of all horrid shots of me, myself and I. Oh, and there’s Caiden, working his way up to where mom is.

Throwing the rind from the watermelon and the green tops from the strawberries towards the ducks, trying to get them to eat it. They didn’t.

Huge spiderweb on a tree. Um. Ewww.

Walking down to the campground. I’m sure it’s close but not quite a mile from where we were playing.

We found a hill to climb so we climbed it. We didn’t get too high up when daddy, who was driving ahead of us to check the way, came and told us it had some logs in the road and no where really past that to go.

We went back down and drove around the campground and found a place where people wade and babies swim safely. It was just as beautiful as everything else around these parts.

I let them strip down to underwear and play for a few minutes. Can you see Caiden’s hand tighten up? We all do it – when we get cold in our little parts.

Awesome picture of him kicking up water when he decided he was cold enough and it was time to go.

They look so darling and innocent on those steps. Don’t let them fool ya! However, this is when we finally loaded up to head home. Caiden was crying and cold. Not to mention both babies over-tired because of no nap today. I wasn’t going to give them a nap and have them up all night with school in the morning.

The wooden bridge on the campground. I love the look and feel of it. I will be heading back there to get more pictures of it. Even if I have to wait until next summer and walk/wade through the water to get them.

Brendan posing. He’s terribly photogenic, in my unbiased and untrained opinion.

I think we had a nice family outing. I’m ashamed I didn’t pack our picnic snack. I’ve been lulled into letting Jen do things. That has to stop before it becomes a bad habit again. My boys were super-tired and needed a nap, they were annoying as all get out and got in trouble a few times on the way home; however, I hope they enjoyed the time at Warm River and I do plan on trying to get back there during the colder months to see the snow everywhere. It’ll be fun to do that – if babies are bundled up sufficiently so we don’t have to come racing home because they are cold and/or wet.

Thank you for listening,


P.S., I was serious about accepting gratefully any and all comments on my picture-takings.

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3 thoughts on “Warm River

  1. That last one is my fav, adorable! I am like you I point and click, my nikons settings are a bit more obvious like macro, sunset and so on. I only use a few, for me it’s all about capturing the moment without spoiling it. I follow a Blog where she does some amazing after shot effects.. Will hunt it out for you 🙂

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