Sew There

An unintentional whisper in my presence and I elected to accept a challenge. Recreate this:

Well, I have had these fabrics cut since Caiden was small and haven’t dared to attempt it. Until now. Tonight, the Nanny and I tried it.

Bears on blue and bears on green. I cut them using a template I picked up in Colorado while visiting my parents a long time ago. They have been in a plastic bag, waiting for me to get the courage to try it. They are quite a deal bigger than the blanket up top, so doing an 8-point star from them is out of the question. I generated a 6-point star from them. The above picture is those pieces lined out and my first attempts at sewing them failed miserably.

Until I realized that I can’t sew them point to point. If I am using the default of a 1/4 inch seam, I have to shift them 1/4 inch before sewing them together. It was fun figuring that part out – but, it is my nature to resolve problems with application versus books.

I got them all sewed together and started working on the outsides. That was a challenge in and of itself. Jen gave me an idea and from there, I was able to create what you see in the top right. One piece of fabric that covers the “empty” space.

Done and waiting for me to apply the backing, stuffing and bind it up. It is too small for a blanket, small or otherwise. This will just be a show-piece for people who visit to see my work. Challenge heard and accepted: I did it. Now, to try an 8 pointed star. Shouldn’t be too hard, anymore. Right?

Jen and I have taken to calling it, “Sew There.” It indicates our new understanding of how to shift things to get the look we want. Lining up point-to-point is not always the method required. So, basically, “Sew There.”

While I was doing that, the Nanny was working on the placement of my quilt top. This one will, eventually, go on my bed and she stressed getting it “just right” all night. Drove me insane! Finally, she did get it perfect – with a little help from me (I have to take a tiny bit of credit here, if only because I finally jumped in to rescue her on the 4th hour of fiddling with it).

The boys are with ex #1 for the evening and Jen and I get to stay up as late as we want and get up whenever we want. The only problem is remembering to turn off the alarm that gets me up at the crack-of-dawn every day. It was nice to spend the entire evening in my quilting room. I learned a few things, today. Another one I learned how to do is the Cathedral (Stained-Glass) Window.

I’m aware it looks a little rough around the edges. I saw a picture of it and figured it out, earlier today. Now that I know how it’s done, it’ll be easy to piece it correctly and make it look a lot better! It is a fun little pattern. I’ll write it up when I get a minute.

As I said, the boys are with dad and the Nanny and I are enjoying a long night of “just because we can.” I think I’m fading fast, though and will have to call it a night real shortly. It’s now 3:38 a.m. I was invited to check out a friends’ church in the morning but I doubt I’ll make it. It’s the last night we have to stay up late with no serious hassles for a month. Ex #1 leaves town for a month at a time and we typically get one night to stay up as late as we want (and then get some sleep) before he leaves, each time.

We have three more projects laid out and ready to begin. I near always have more than one going. If I get to feeling one of them is monotonous, I shift to the other for a change of pace. Here they are:

Halloween table topper with half square triangle stars. To be continued.

Two projects are shown here. The front one, the greens, are going to be a log cabin around the center pictures. The one behind is going to be something the author of the pattern calls, “Flowers in the Garden.” To be continued.

I’m beat. I’m done with the staying up late and pushing my limits. I’m not as young anymore. I did turn 40 this year, you know!

Thank you for listening,


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