A Video, An Idea

Remember when I said I watched a really cool video at the Quilt Guild on Thursday night? I came home and asked ex #1 to make me a wood circle. I bought a soft plastic circle (which can’t be used for cutting) at Jo*Ann’s and showed him what I wanted. This morning, he made the circle out of wood for me.

He griped and complained about it not being “perfect,” but it served its purpose. While he was doing that, Brendan was playing with the boy toys the two little ones and daddy got for Christmas.

It was fun to watch them playing with the child-sized toys. However, it did scare the living crap out of me. Saws and screws and hammers!

Downstairs to my sewing room to test out the new circle.

Fabric. I didn’t get a picture of it, but you put the circle on the fabric and cut out circles. You can actually cut as many as need be, as long as your rotary cutter can get through the stack. Try to keep them as perfectly circle as you can.

You’re supposed to cut and sew two of them, right sides together and then flip them so the right sides are out (wrong sides in). When I do that, I’ll post pictures of it. I just did a quick one to show ex #1 why I asked for a circle. The piece of wood he used was a little too thick, so he’ll make a thinner one as soon as he can. This one did it’s purpose pretty well, though.

When done sewing the circles together (so you have two right side, looking at pretty pattern no matter which side you look at), you take and place your square cutting tool on top of the circle. You want it to be nearly as big as the circle but not exactly. Draw the lines for the square on one side of the newly sewn circle sandwich.

Take two of them (I’ll have more pictures later) and place them together as exactly as possible. Sew one line of the square, sewing through 4 layers of fabric, using the line you drew as your quarter inch marker.

When done, open.

The little flaps you’ve created can be stitched back down in any fashion you desire. Add until you think the blanket is big enough. We were discussing adding batting inside the first circles. Only as big as the square, so it’s not too puffy when you stitch those flaps back down. As I get more creative, I’ll show you. This was a quick one to show off another pattern learned and ready for use. I have a yard each of those fabrics (plus a few more of the color ways) and will be playing with it! This one was a quick “show ex #1 why I begged” type thing.

I think we’re going to head out and take a drive this afternoon. Get the babies out of the house and hang out with dad before he leaves on Tuesday. I’ll post pictures, of course! Would you expect anything less?

Thank you for listening,


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