Smiles All Around

A lot has been going on the last 24 or so hours. Yesterday was the “Bike-A-Thon” at the boys’ school. They rode their bikes to raise money for their school. It was fun to watch and I enjoyed it. Almost as much as they did, I’m sure. Here are some pictures.

That’s it – or, at least, that’s the ones I am going to show. My boys were awesome and I was so proud of Caiden! he hasn’t been riding without training wheels very often and he did so great! I was worried he’d fall because he was trying to go too fast but he didn’t. Momma is proud.

And then, today, we finally lost our first tooth! A few tears were shed; however, as soon as he saw the tooth, they pretty much stopped.

And, of course, pictures of him calling his former Kindergarten teacher, his Grandma Donna and then his Pop-Pop. He had to spread the good news!

So, there are many (gap-toothed) smiles around the house and even I am smiling and proud. Oh, and I figured out the “how” of a new quilt block. Look for pictures tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you for listening,


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