Man Down!

Today, a few good things happened. No, Caiden’s tooth did not fall out. I’m waiting patient; he isn’t so very patient. He still wants me to use the string and door knob trick of my father’s. Well, everyone’s father has done it, at some point. No, other things happened today. Good things, in my opinion.

First, I got two blankets back from the Quilter’s. My “Blood Red” and my “Country Patchwork.” I was so excited!

Let me tell you a short story. Way back in October (2011), the girls and I were being goofy and went on a trip. The goal was to have some fun in Lava Hot Springs and check out some quilt stores on the way. We had great fun (in fact, you saw a picture of it when I was showing pictures of Jen. We were being silly in the bathtub. Anyway, at one store we stopped at, we saw a lady’s sewing table and on it was pre-cut pieces of a log cabin quilt. Two of the blocks were already sewn together and it looked GORGEOUS! I asked the proprietor if she would sell me the pieces to make the quilt. She said, “I have to have this top sewn together by Tuesday. I can’t.” (This was on the preceding Wednesday) After a few minutes, her mother (co-owner) spoke up and said, “I’ll recut the pieces for you. Go ahead.” So, she sold me the pieces. She asked for $45 for all of them (enough for a queen sized quilt) and I gave her an extra $5 for her troubles.

I brought it home and, because I was worried about messing it up, I didn’t touch it until May of this year. I finally took it out of the drawer and started piecing it together. It went quickly and I finished it in a matter of days. The next step was to find the borders. I picked two borders, but only put one of them on there. After having finished it in early May, I finally delivered it to the quilter a few weeks ago. He returned it, today.

My Blood Red came back with the binding already done (I paid a couple dollars extra for that as I wanted it whole and complete when it came back home) and fully ready to lay on my bed. Of course, the colors of my room were immediately shifted to suit the new blanket.

Isn’t it stunning?

Checking the weight of it on me. I like heavier blankets in the winter and this one was not heavy enough. I’ll have to keep an extra blanket under it to make it heavy enough. The next one that goes to the quilter and is meant for my bed will be heavier!

I also got back “Country Patchwork.” It has a denim backing on it and is fluffy enough to curl up under on cold winter nights in front of the fire. As soon as I do the binding, that is. It is actually just shy of fitting a twin sized bed – I ran out of pieces and couldn’t decide on additional borders. I’m not worried about it being small, though. I’ll just use it lounging around the house (or everyone else will and I’ll never see it again).

In the big blue blocks, the quilter stitched horseshoes. I didn’t know a quilting machine could do that. I guess when you spend 5-8 thousand dollars on a machine, you want it to do cool stuff. Right?

And so, I got back two more blankets today but I did drop off the “Winterfest” blanket. We’ll see what he comes up with for that one in a few weeks.

On the way home from Rigby (the quilter’s), we stopped at the local thrift store. I saw this clock for $5 and purchased it. It sets the time automatically, plays the radio, has a sleep setting for the radio and an alarm clock (two, actually). I set it up in Caiden’s room and taught him how to turn the radio on and off. He was warned he was not allowed to touch any other buttons. The goal is to teach him to get up at 7 a.m. It’s not that he gets up late for school – it’s that he gets up too early. I’ve told him he has to stay in bed until 7 a.m. every morning, when his alarm goes off. I think, at an age where he’s losing teeth, training wheels and is going through first grade, he deserves an alarm clock.

I’ll let you know how that pans out. The best part of that picture is the “big boy” alarm clock with the “little boy” Thomas the Train night light/flash light behind it. I love it!

For dinner, we had my homemade chicken noodle soup. The boys love it (and Jen begs for it) but that wasn’t the fun part of dinner. The fun part was the crazy “Construct A Straw” box I gave them to play with while eating. You know, sometimes you just have to change it up and give them some fun at dinner. These are the pictures from that:

Yes, even mom had to get into the action.

It was fun, even if a little messy. It’s a good thing I gave them water to play with and not their lemonade. Of course, I’m kind of smart that way.

And so, we get to the point of this post. The Title: Man Down!

A little over a month ago, maybe even longer, I volunteered to make 5 dozen snacks for the Quilt Guild here in this town. They are having a bake sale this weekend and asked for ladies to donate their time and goodies. I, in my stupidity, said, “Sure. I’ll make 5 dozen Madeline’s.” I anticipated purchasing a second Madeline pan before tonight. Well, it didn’t happen. So, tonight, I’m making 8 dozen Madeline’s for tomorrow. Twelve at a time, fifteen minutes in the oven, 5 minutes to clean the pan and prep it for another batch.

Did you notice that? I said I volunteered to make 5 dozen but tonight, I’m making 8 dozen. How can that be?

Well, I got the list of who is supplying snacks at my child’s class for this month (a few days after the month began) and on tomorrow’s date it says, “Brendan.” Which means, mommy has to make snacks for his class tomorrow *and* make 5 dozen Madeline’s for the Quilt Guild.

And so, here I go…

Except for one thing. I’m already one short.

We had a man down.

He hit the floor, bounced off Jen’s toe and landed there. So, now I’m making 7 dozen and 11 Madeline’s.

I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s going to be a long night!

Thank you for listening,


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10 thoughts on “Man Down!

  1. NanJenni

    He look so innocent lying there on the floor. Help me, Anybody?

  2. NanJenni

    Lets just say, I’m glad he took the jump. He was yummy.

  3. Elaine

    Blood Red is amazing! Yes, stunning is a good word for it. Love it! And my new quilt is beautiful at the foot of my bed. I always keep a throw there to cover up with when I nap. So nice, and so full of love!

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