15 Minute Movie

Have you ever watched a movie fifteen minutes at a time? Well, I guess the answer is yes, if you’ve watched a “Made for TV Movie.” I mean a movie in full, no commercials and un-edited. Well, tonight, the Nanny and I are watching Blitz in 15 minute increments. That’s how long the timer is on the Madeline’s.

So, after reading my post “Man Down!” and seeing a couple typos I needed to fix, I realized I didn’t give you the new pictures of my bedroom. I’ll add those here (since I have another 15 minutes to waste).

Whoops, there’s the timer… Hold on.

Ok, so, the pictures of us making the Madeline’s and my new room decor.

Needed a big bowl, this time. Usually, it’s my little one.

In they go!

Popping the Madeline’s out of the pan. Ignore the girl dressed for bed. It’s late and I want to sleep – but I’m baking. And, I love my over-sized shirts for sleeping, thank you!

Yummy! Now, a little swipe of melted butter and then…

Spank the bottom of the powdered sugar shaker to dust the Madeline’s. Don’t fret, most of the white powder you see covering them will fall off when they go into their basket/bag/box for the Quilt Guild.

And now, my room. It’s a mite dark, so you’ll have to make do.

There ya go. I’ll have to get some white pillows for the bed to counteract all the red. Oh, and I still need my curtain rods hung so I can hang my maroon/red curtains. Check out the rug. I used that at my store, at one time. Now it serves as a way to change out the colors of my room.

Oh, look. The timer. Number 6 dozen done. No, I don’t type that slowly. I’m watching a movie at the same time and do get distracted at times. Be back shortly!

We just put the 7th dozen in the oven and we don’t quite have enough left to make the 8th dozen. Choices, choices. Make another batch or find something else for my son’s shared snack at school? I think what I’ll do is one Madeline per child and some trail mix in the bag with it. That could work. A little oddity – healthy and fun.

So, what are y’all up to, tonight? And, have you ever volunteered for something and then decided it might not be the best idea? Let’s just hope they like them, eh?

Time to get back to it and back to my 15-Minute Movie.

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “15 Minute Movie

  1. Great post! Loved the in the moment feel 🙂 your bedroom is looking really cosy now. I love burgundy my living room has been that colour forever 🙂

    • Yes. I’ve been with the dark red/burgundy for years. In my living room and occasionally in my bedroom. I’m back to it in my bedroom again, now.

      Thank you,


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