Time to Grow Up

Caiden was working on homework. As is typical of 5/6 year old boys, he has no desire to sit inside for long hours, working on homework. He’d rather be outside playing with his brother.

Today, I used the rest of the hamburger meat and made tacos. Jen has been asking for 2 months for tacos and we already had our tortilla shells. We don’t use the “typical” shells. We found a brand that has less carbs and a touch more protein – better for a diabetic.

They are freezable and they don’t taste like wheat. They taste very good, actually. And I’m not one for wheat products and such. I tried to get a picture of the stats but it failed miserably. We found these at Sam’s Club but not anywhere else, to date. Just an idea of where to get them.

We were all stuffed full and needed to go for a bike ride. Caiden is doing very good on his bike with no training wheels but he does need to work on two things: not so fast (and) no stopping with his toes/tips of his shoes. Of course, because I’m not too terribly bright, we came home and had strawberries and creme for desert. And now, I am drinking coffee in an attempt to digest some of our dinner!

I slept a lot today. I stayed up until well after 2 a.m. drawing my quilting designs. I have so many in my head and want to do them all! I am settling for drawing them up for when I get time and funds. I’ll have to get them all scanned in and show ya over on the side-blog I started.

Well, to the point of this post. I hate all those cliche’s about children growing too fast and missing when they were very small. I am here to tell you, “It is true. The time does go too fast!”

My son is about to lose his first tooth. Explaining to him, after years of telling him that he needed to brush his teeth so they didn’t fall out, that this is a good loss of a tooth was funny. By tomorrow evening, I’ll be reporting the loss of the first tooth from my babies.

It’s the bottom, front right one.

I’m sad. I want the tiny ones back. The ones that annoyed the devil out of me because he was so sickly and cried constantly. I want him back. I don’t want big kids that are practicing to ride his bike for a bike-a-thon at school (with no training wheels) and losing teeth. I have to start prepping for his 6th birthday party, for crying out loud!

I don’t want to do this, anymore. They need to stop growing. I’m going to quit making food. Let them starve and not grow any more.

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “Time to Grow Up

  1. You do insist on feeding them..:) Its so bittersweet isn’t it. The simple truth seems to be however mindful we try to be of the moments and cherishing the time it still slips through our fingers. Its just the way of it I guess. Amy is coming to the close of her childhood and it only feels a moment ago she was a baby.

    this makes me cry every time 🙂

  2. I just now sat down to watch/listen to this. It’s a beautiful song!

    Thank you,


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