Well, here it is

I finally documented my spaghetti sauce creation. It’s a day-long process with a crock pot, so let’s get started.

When you wake up in the morning, pull out your crock pot and 2 jars of Classico Spaghetti Sauce. The individual flavor doesn’t matter as much, it’s on taste preference.

Did I just say Classico Spaghetti Sauce in a jar? Why, yes I did! I start with 2 jars as my base. You’ll see how I create my non-drip-able spaghetti sauce starting with just this.

After you’ve dumped 2 jars into the crock pot, go ahead and turn the crock pot on “Warm.” You must have a warm setting for this. If you don’t, it will go worse for you, later. It will burn while you’re at work or whatever it is you do all day. Burned spaghetti sauce is nearly as bad as runny spaghetti sauce.

Next, the spices. I add my own spices and make this sauce mine. I attempted to measure, this time. It was difficult.

Roughly a tablespoon of Garlic Powder, Italian Seasoning, Basil and Oregano. Yes. I said nearly a tablespoon of each. I layer it on the sauce. Sprinkle it over ever inch of the sauce in layers.

Leave it. Don’t stir it! Go get ready for your day. Shower, dress, do your hair and makeup. Speaking of which, I detest make up. I touch my hair and face all day long and make up just gets in the way. I don’t have an ugly face, so I can get away with it. I think most of the women I meet don’t require it, either.

When you’re done getting ready and it’s just about time to leave the house (or, roughly an hour), head back to the kitchen. Pull the sausage you have in the freezer and bring it over to the crock-pot.

This is what I happened to have available, this morning. Turkey, by the way, is an excellent alternative to “normal” sausage. It’s healthier and doesn’t taste too bad when it is in a sausage form. Patties, crumbles or links. Something to keep in mind.

Pour the sausage into the crock pot and finally stir it all together. Give it a good go with the whisk and head out the door, leaving the lid on.

While you’re waiting for the sauce to simmer, let me explain more about last night. It came off very harsh; however, it wasn’t supposed to be. It was supposed to be about me learning more about myself and how I need to grow up and learn more. Become more than what I am. What am I? A cynical old (at 40) lady who is extremely judgmental when talking about not being judgmental.

I’m not very far on my walk with Christ. I’m still so very fraught with stupidity and problems. I’m insecure, a smoker, my language sucks and many more problems. I’m not always sure where I stand with Christ and sure as hell don’t have a clue what I’m doing most of the time. The only thing I want to know is I want to get better, I want to be better. I want to be what Christ has in store for me.

To do that, I have to go through a lot of self-realization. Part of that is admitting my failures in many ways of my life. This weekend was one such failure. Judging a bunch of women I didn’t know based on experiences in the past – and learning that it isn’t always that way. Just because one is, doesn’t mean the other is.

How many years have I railed and ranted at my parents for still seeing me as a child (with all the stupidity of being a child) when I’m a grown woman, with different problems and things I need to work on? Isn’t it time I practice what I preach? Didn’t I read in Matthew that Jesus says to not judge? He doesn’t judge – He just forgives. He gives everyone a chance, no matter what the offense or problem. He only asks that we trust in Him and give Him our everything.

The ladies were wonderful this weekend. They opened their arms to me and loved me for who I was – and didn’t judge me. So, I was wrong for judging them. I wish I had more time to learn more about them and get to know them better. I can only hope that they reach out to me during the next few weeks.

Now, around about noon, I tend to take the lid off to dry the sauce out. By noon or so, there’s a lot of condensation forming and it needs to dry out a bit. That’s one reason mine is never runny. However, you can’t leave the lid off the entire time or you get a dry paste that isn’t any tastier than chalk.

Remember to lay some towels around the crock pot to keep splatters off your beautiful counter. I don’t use paper towels, as a rule, so towels it is, when the lid comes off for an hour or two. If you work all day, take the lid off when you walk in the front door. If you get home about 3, you’ll have until 5 o’clock to dry it out a little. If you work until 5, then dinner won’t be ready until 6. Apologize to the family and enjoy it.

Now, you need to cook some hamburger meat. I use the 93% beef/7% fat in all of my recipes. Ex #1 brought home 2.5 lbs of it, so I cut off the amount I wanted to use.

I cut off about a half pound of hamburger meat. You don’t need to overload your spaghetti sauce with meats. A little of this and a little of that goes a long way. Fry it up with some onions and/or garlic.

I fry up the onions and garlic in some butter before adding the meat. Remember, though: If you are adding the meat with more than 2 hours until dinner, do not cook it completely. You want it cooked about 3/4’s of the way and let the crock pot do the rest. If you have less than 2 hours until dinner, go right ahead and finish it up before adding it to the crock pot.

Now, the sauce doesn’t look like overmuch. So, I added a third jar of Classiso Spaghetti Sauce. You can add just a can or two of normal tomato sauce – I just happened to hit a sale and added that instead. However, if you add another jar of spaghetti sauce, you have to do another layer of spices.

Let it sit with lid on or lid off, as required to make sure it doesn’t get too runny. Because I start this additional process at noon or 2 p.m., I do an hour or so with lid on (to let the spices steep) and then the last of the time with the lid off. I also, at about 4 p.m., turn the heat on low instead of warm. I want it to bake nice and pretty for a little bit before turning off the crock pot completely at about 5 p.m.

While waiting for the cornbread to cook, I went outside with my boys. We (ex #1, the Nanny and I) all watched them wrestle. They were trying to do some version of wrestling and I got quite a few pictures of it. I remembered something said this weekend about men (boys) needing to wrestle and be conquerors and decided to just be a referee and let them wrestle around for a bit.

I’m not sure why they needed their shirts off and they wouldn’t explain themselves. Oh, well.

Obviously Caiden has the upper hand. He’s got more weight and he’s a little taller with longer arms. That didn’t stop Brendan from trying, though.

Daddy shows Caiden that other people are bigger and stronger than him.

Go Brendan! Go!

Or not.

Oh, well. That works.

Brendan doesn’t give up…

And I ended up burning the cornbread while watching them and taking too many pictures. Well, can anyone take too many pictures of their children?

Caiden told me he didn’t want to eat spaghetti for dinner. I made a deal with him. A small piece of cornbread and an entire tomato for dinner and he didn’t have to eat spaghetti. He agreed… and ate it! He hates tomatoes!

And, dinner is served. Do you see any liquid running down the plate? I don’t. Delicious!

Slotted spoon and no drip. Don’t forget to freeze the leftovers! It’s a great starter to the next time you make spaghetti.

My gorgeous boys.

Thank you for listening (and enjoy the spaghetti sauce secrets),


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