Some Pictures

Some pictures of the scenery where I was, this weekend. I have to share them. They are beautiful. I’m not sure my camera captured them as completely as I wanted, but here they are:

This was on the drive up. I took it while driving.

A beautiful rock face on a mountain at the Living Waters Ranch. It was massive and so beautiful. I took many, many pictures of this rock. We were surrounded by mountains, where we were.

A river runs through the entire property of the Ranch. Nearly ever inch of it has some breathtaking beauty.

Sunset on Friday night. There’s a slight haze from the smoke of distant fires.

More of the sunset on Friday night.

The sunrise on Saturday morning. That’s the same rock face I posted earlier. More to come.

More of the sunrise on Saturday morning.

The sunrise, again. If you look, the mountain top has one lone tree. I took several pictures of this because it was so stunning in its solidarity. One tree standing against all the forces of nature at the top of a hill in the mountains.

Nearly directly across from the rock face I showed earlier is this rock. I thought the contrast between the rock and the sky stunning.

One of the bunk houses on the property. This one is hidden in the trees at the base of the rock face I keep speaking of. It has, if I remember rightly, 14 beds. I’d love to bring my family back up and stay here!

A path through the trees at the base of the rock face.

And, some wildlife roaming around. My silly slow camera caused me to lose the picture of him walking right past me – close enough to touch! I only finally got it to take a picture as he was leaving.

A deliberate picture of a berry focal point and everything faded. I am curious, however, what kind of berry is that?

One of several wooden bridges across the river.

A deliberate attempt to focus on the grass and fade everything in the background on my camera.

Oh, look. That same rock face.

Sunrise on Sunday morning. The smoke from that same distant fire cloaked us in a haze. My pictures all look like this. Some are stunning, even so.

I think the owners of the Living Waters Ranch did a wonderful job at creating a peaceful place for reflecting on God and all His wonders. It’s quiet and serene, there are sounds of running water everywhere and a sense of calm that is hard to find when living in the city, town or other places. I applaud what they’ve done and hope to get back there. They do welcome families but I believe they turn away those who want a place to party and drink.

They are tolerant of smokers, I learned. The same with the ladies this weekend. They let me walk and talk with them, even when they knew I was smoking a cigarette and trying to stay away from them. Several times, they pointedly asked me to join them, regardless.

Many things learned, this weekend. Important lessons on judging and expectations based on what someone looks like or professes.

Thank you for listening,


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