Leaving for the Weekend

Today was a little boring and then got busy later. I spent the morning with no car – the Rendy is still in the shop and the Nanny was at her new job from 8:45 to 12:45. I was, for the most part, alone until ex #1 got Brendan from school and brought him home at 12. Breakfast was a sausage and cheese quiche. I made it to show ex #1 what it tasted like, but he slept until time to get Brendan. Didn’t come over, so I heated it back up to feed him for lunch. I believe he liked it.

Lunch for Brendan – I got creative:

A simple affair, but he gobbled it all up. After reciting his memory verse, he got a second pudding and a lollipop!

I taught ex #1 how to make German Pancakes so he can feed the boys while I’m gone. I didn’t want him spending all his money on going out to eat (without me!) and this way, he can’t gripe about no cereal in my house. When we were done with that, he helped me make my “becoming famous” chili. He’ll have a dinner of leftover meatloaf and a dinner of chili while I am gone. No excuses!

As I said, “No excuses! There’s even some salad and vegetables in the fridge to add to dinner!”

While we were doing that, the boys wanted to walk to Meg’s house and invite her and her daughters to a community picnic at the elementary school a couple blocks away. They wanted to walk by themselves and so I let them. I did, however, have the Nanny follow them at a discrete distance to ensure their safety. It’s amazing how Caiden is doing so good and trying to be so mature. I cry as I am proud.

Waiting to cross the street. (I had Jen take the camera and get me pictures)

They look so big! I told Jen to make sure they held hands the entire way. She said she had to remind them a time or two. I’ll have to tell Caiden how important it is to make sure to hold hands with his baby brother.

Almost there!

Meg couldn’t come to the picnic, so the boys started home. I won’t show the gorgeous pictures of her house because that’s a little too much personal!

Holding hands crossing the street! I’m not going to ask the Nanny if she had to remind them or not. I’d prefer to think my son remembered.

Watching construction and waiting for mommy. We were supposed to all meet up and go to the picnic together. I was just finishing up the chili and heading out.

Check out the big truck!

At the picnic. I brought two blankets to sit on – didn’t realize it would be asphalt – but was going to see if they would be conversation starters with my neighbors. You know, the old ones walk up and say, “Did your mom make those?” and, if course, you answer, “No. I did.” Then, a conversation starts and you make friendly with those who live around you.

Didn’t happen. A lot of whispers, according to Miss Lisa, but no one came to me. Bummer.

Still had a great time! I talked too much to Miss Lisa’s husband. Whoops. Boys had good foods and it was all at a quarter for each piece of food. It was great!

And, on the way home, they wanted to walk themselves…

This is what daddy had to say about them walking themselves home…

All in all, a great night after a very lonely and boring morning. I’ll get used to it – in time. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been out of coffee.

I’m tired and I’m leaving out of town with a friend tomorrow. I’ll see ya while I’m gone (if I find time) or when I return.

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “Leaving for the Weekend

  1. I remember feeling odd when first alone once Amy went to school it soon passes:) have a good weekend!

    • Thank you!

      Yeah, any other time the boys were off somewhere, I had Jen around. Now, everyone’s gone. I wandered the house, not knowing what I wanted to do.

      Thank you,


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