Reed’s Dairy and Fund Raiser

Daddy got back to town last night. The boys were ecstatic because he was here in time for breakfast. They were all over him, showing him everything they could in the short time they had before school. Caiden (and Brendan, of course) also had to show daddy he could ride his bike without training wheels. It was fun to watch them. They love him so much.

Jen worked her first day and came home with lots to talk about. It was nice to see her so excited (and a bit trepidatious) about her new job! She is going to be working from 8:45 every morning until 12:45 every afternoon. The only glitch in that schedule is that we only have one car, right now. It’s a good thing that ex #1 is in town right now. It’ll help with the scheduling of the single vehicle until we get Rendy back. I can’t really talk about her job because it’s privileged information. She can’t really even tell me things.

This evening, I made one of Jen’s favorites for dinner.  Meat Loaf. I’ll be adding the recipe to the recipe section in the next day or two.

They were so excited that daddy ate at the table with them.

What’s left is half the size of the original. And, for desert, I made something for the Nanny and the boys really wanted her to share. I told them sharing was up to her.

She’s so sweet, she shared.

After dinner, the boys were outside with daddy.

The boys were overtired and a little rowdy, so I decided we needed to take five of our remaining $8 dollars and head for Reed’s Dairy. It’s a sure-fire way to lower their energy level.

Eating ice cream in front of the cows. On purpose. Because it’s funny.

Struttin their stuff.

He touched me!



Look at the joy on those faces that the goat(?) actually ate out of their hands!

I thought this picture was amazing. I couldn’t do this on purpose, if I tried!

They are following you, Jen!

They were actually milking the cows, this time. A first time we get to see it!

He’s trying to feed the rooster. Fortunately, the rooster walked away, it wasn’t a disaster!

Mom! He’s trying to eat my hand!

These baby cows are hungry!

When we got home, the babies ran over to our neighbor and took their Fund Raiser papers. They are having a Bike-A-Thon in a week and it is to raise money for their school. They did really good and brought home a dollar a piece.

When they were done, we took them over to our old Pastor and his wife’s house with their same packets. They had a loveky time and showed off quite a few things they have learned at school. It wasgreat fun to watch. The Pastor and his wonderful wife have been a part of our family since Caiden was 6 weeks old. They’ve watched my boys grow up and it’s been great fun!

Oh, but they know this door! They’ve knocked on it for Halloween, Easter dinners, you name it.

It was very fun watching Miss Barbara interact with them. Even if they were still a little bit rowdy, they did reasonably well. Oh, and they both brought home a check for their school. They are so proud to be raising money for their school!

A great day. A wonderful day.

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “Reed’s Dairy and Fund Raiser

  1. A great day no question 🙂

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