Warm River isn’t Warm

Today, after Caiden did his homework, we threw a picnic of shrimp into a bag and took off to see Warm River. I took my camera and, after we arrived (an hour away!), I realized I had left my SD card in my laptop. So, I got very few pictures. Only 13 pictures stored in the internal memory of my card.

Beautiful old cabin/house right next to the river. I wonder if it’s for sale and, if I buy it (yeah, right), if I could make it livable. That would be a dream come true.

The Nanny helping the boys get down to the river.

Again, helping the boys to lean down and touch the water. They wanted to know if the river really was “warm.” It wasn’t and they decided it should be called, “The Cold River.”


A crane?


So pretty.

We threw bits of shrimp at them and they gobbled it up. Later, we threw the tails to them but they were rejected out of hand. We had a bit of fun but didn’t stay too long. The babies were super tired and needed sleep.

Next time, we must remember that stupid memory card. I had other pictures I deleted so I could get new ones. I want to go back up there and look around some more.

At about 8 p.m., I met with my friend Meg for a cup of coffee and a piece of pie. We talked for a little over 3 hours. It was nice to connect and hear a woman’s view on things presented before me. She’s had similar life experiences and had insight that I did not (or rejected). I can’t go into details because it is her personal life. She did give me some arrows pointing me in the direction I’ve felt I needed to go but wasn’t sure. So, thank you, Meg and I’m sorry I didn’t take you, Jen. We had no sitter.

Thank you for listening,


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