The Nanny

So, tonight I have good news. My friend, the Nanny to my boys has gotten herself a job. She starts tomorrow. Now, one might ask, if she has a job as a Nanny, why does she have another job? It’s simple. I’ve watched her grow and learn for two years. I’m around a lot more, now that I’m not working, and it’s time for her to spread her wings. I feel like she’s my firstborn and about to spread her wings in the world. I’m releasing my child to the world and hoping I’ve done a good job in raising her.

She still works for me – and I still need her. But, it’s time for her to branch out. I’ve done all I can for her and it’s time to push her out of the nest. She’ll be doing a job I believe she was made for. She’ll be working as a “home health aide,” helping those that can’t do for themselves, anymore. I’m excited and sad at the same time. I’ll miss her – even while I know things will change around here.

She’s been my friend when I needed one badly. She’s been the nurse when I couldn’t do for myself (even accidentally drugging me at one point). She’s been the fall back for my boys – when I couldn’t be there for them. She’s helped around the house (doing more than I did, when I was working too much). She’s been more than a Nanny – she’s been the Mother’s Helper, Best Friend and so much more. She’s put up with my frustrations and my downfalls. She’s helped keep this family moving forward constantly, when I couldn’t do it myself.

She’s Jen.

She wasn’t with me for the two previous pictures. I post them to show a little about how she’s grown and changed in the past few years.

She’s been there for birthdays.

She’s held my children up high to see things when I couldn’t (because of my back, mind you).

She’s always in the background, making sure that she is available to pick up the slack when I can not.

She’s been silly and childish because my boys needed that. Even to the point of teaching them silly childish songs (that I don’t believe I’ve ever known).

Guiding my children as safely as she can over uneven or treacherous ground.

Making sure they don’t take a long fall to their death.

Killing bugs around my house because spiders scare the living life right of me.

Killing them even when they aren’t bugs but some sort of lint.

Always there. Always available. Sometimes annoying. *winks*

I love it when she does laundry!

Again, keeping my boys safe…

Being goofy on a whim…

Always by my side.

And, even when scared herself, making sure my children don’t see it and are well taken care of. Of course, during this one, she asked me, “Who’s holding me to keep me safe?”

She’s Jen. The Nanny. The Mother’s Right Hand. The ever-present help and friend. And now, she embarks on a new career – helping others. They are lucky to have her. And, I’m proud of her.

Thank you, Jen and good luck tomorrow on your first day. It has to be easier than working with/for me, right?


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2 thoughts on “The Nanny

  1. Beautiful post, She’s a gem, you will miss her so. The moss spider made me lol.

    • Yes, we laughed our butts off the rest of the night. It was hysterical!

      And yes, I’ll miss Jen. She’s to stay living here and helping out when not working. That’s good!

      Thank you,


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