No Training Wheels

Ex #1 spent a few hours with Caiden before he left for a month. He was trying to teach Caiden and Caiden was being a stubborn boy. He eventually said he wanted his training wheels back. He didn’t need to ride on two wheels.

While ex #1 has been gone, several times, I have tried to continue the teaching. I have met with opposition on several fronts. First, he didn’t want to. Then, he wanted to wait until he was done playing with trains or his brother or any other number of things. I had all but given up.

Last night, I decided we were going to go for a walk. It wasn’t too bad of a night and we needed to work off the peach cobbler I baked for dessert after dinner. Brendan wanted to ride his bike. I said that was fine with me. Caiden wanted to ride his bike – but wanted it with his training wheels. I was very stern, almost rude, when I said that he would never again use training wheels, so get used to the idea. He could learn how to ride his bike or he wouldn’t be going anywhere with it. Only walking. He was not happy and was starting to throw some massive fits. I told him, again, to get over it. Learn or walk.

He went and got his bike. We worked for 15 minutes, trying to teach him with me holding his shirt. I gave him hints and tricks, I gave him knowledge from my 40 years. He got to the point of telling me he wasn’t going to do it. Brendan could have his bike and he would ride Brendan’s.

Brendan was happy about this! He wants, so badly, to learn how to ride without training wheels. I refuse to let him. He’s my baby and much too small to torture me so!

However, Brendan wanting to learn spurned Caiden on. This time, I gave him a gentle push to get started and then I let go. He turned around to see what happened and dropped his bike, “Why did you let go, Mom?”

“I thought you could do it on your own. Try again!”


I gave him another subtle push to get started and then stepped away. He went around the driveway nearly a complete turn before falling off. I was cheering the entire time. I was loud and proud and who cares what the neighbors think!

I wish you could have seen his face. I kept my up with my stupid cheering and he kept going. I had to give him a soft push and he’d go on his own.

And then…

He didn’t need me at all, anymore. He got up and started on his own. Only when he gets distracted does he fall down, now.

I cry huge tears while I cheer him on and praise him so much, his chest is too puffed to fit through the front door.

That’s my boy!
Thank you for listening,


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One thought on “No Training Wheels

  1. Aw well done! Have you heard of backward chaining? it’s a method to get a child to achieve a goal so it always ends on a yay! For example zipping up a coat you would do all the task but let the child finish off by pulling the zipper up then work backwards breaking the skill down so he ends with a yay you did it! When teaching my kids I left one stabilizer on, over time you adjust it so it’s just for show till they are whizzing up and down and the silly thing is not even touching the floor lol same with armbands, deflate not remove. Good luck 🙂

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