If You Can’t Say…

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

That was going to be my post, tonight. I wasn’t having a good day and was determined to be very sad. All my bills are paid by my fiduciary. It’s her job to make sure things are well taken care of, especially if my back goes out and life ceases to exist until I am better. That’s the way it is, the way it has been since 2010 and the way it will be. Until I get remarried (which would take an act of God, Himself) or decide that I can handle things again (which is even more a remote possibility). I trust that the fiduciary will handle all matters requiring attention and I won’t have to worry except how to make sure we live comfortably on my “allowance.”

To that end, I was surprised today. I’ll explain shortly.

My son has some weird bumps on his torso. They are becoming worrisome. I thought they were just a heat rash of sorts, until…

I noticed them spreading to his thighs. So, off to the 24-hour “Redi-Care” we have here in town. Went in, signed in, sat down. A little bit later, I was called up to the desk. They said they were unable to see my child because we had a past-due account with them. They sent us on our way.


I’ll have to wait until Monday to find out what’s going on with the payment of this bill. Perhaps she didn’t get it? I hope so. I also know that money is tight right now and she doesn’t have a lot to pay them with. With ex #1 taking a pay-cut this hitch and her not having a lot extra to give, I’m not sure when it’ll be paid. It’s not supposed to be my problem but, it is. Especially now.

We’re doing Benedryl and prayer, at this point.

On good news, the quilter got some of our quilts done. Ex #1 funded picking them up. Here they are:

He quilted stars in the center panel. Perfect touch!

Gorgeous stippling throughout. I’m not sure how I’m going to do the binding on this one.

Remember this one? The double-sided one?

He outlined all of the pieces, which gave it a wonderful 3-d effect. And, on the back, you can see the outlining, which makes the 2nd “front” side awesome.

Don’t ya love it? And, next…

Outlining on the blocks but stippling on the edges. I love what he did with it!

The quilt Jen made for her niece. We finally got it quilted and back again.

He outlined the design in the middle and then the lines out on the outside. A beautiful “puffy” look.

We also got back the one called “Sidelights.” This was originally purchased for Jen and I made it for Jen. However, it’s too beautiful to hang in her downstairs bedroom, where no one will ever see it (when the binding is done, that is).

On to other things, for the moment.

Last night, while I was lying in bed in terribly stomach pain, Jen made some yummy brownies! I ate some, even though I shouldn’t.

Brendan (and Jen) pretty much licked the bowl clean!

And, this morning, she made German Pancakes for breakfast. They turned out wonderfully! Eventually, I’ll be back on my feet and not so “kitten weak” and take over the cooking, again.

This afternoon, Caiden was so tired, he couldn’t see straight. He was crying for no reason and being unbearable with his brother. So, in true mommy style, I used my sternest voice and told him to “get on the couch and don’t move.” I took the blanket that I haven’t quite gotten wrapped up for the gift-giving and threw it over him with a kiss on his red-hot tear-streaked cheek. Less than 10 minutes later (with huge tears and crying screams), he passed out.

Shows what a well-made homemade quilt can do for a sad little boy. All bundled up and sleeping peacefully. Waking 45 minutes later and being my sweet boy all over again.

I started my first holiday blanket. This one is being made with the pattern “Turning Twenty.” I have the first border and the backing, but not the 2nd border. The second border will be 6″ and the entire blanket will shine beautifully for the holidays.

We finally have our first tomato from the tomato plant I bought at the Farmer’s Market back in late June. It’s small and has a flaw, but it’s a tomato! My first. Ever!

Small flaw. But, tomorrow, we’ll eat it!

As always, I took my Saturday morning allowance and went to Farmer’s Market. Afterward, I had $26 dollars in my pocket and the library was having their book sale. So, we went to look at the books. We left with (what I thought was) a little over 40 books and paid only $21 dollars for them. When we got home, it turns out, there are 53 books! And, we only paid $21! Most of them are very old. I was only looking at the old ones. The earliest date we brought home was 1908.

We got three books of a set. They are called “Our American Holidays,” and are dated roughly 1950.

I will have to keep a look-out for another library sale and try to get more of this set. It’s actually quite fun, looking inside and seeing how the book talks about celebrating different American days.

We also got, in the 53 we picked out, an earlier version of a Kipling’s Works book. It’s actually a “Sahib” Edition. My concern is this…

Can anyone tell me what’s with the Swastika’s? I mean, really? (Please ignore the goofy phone in the picture!)

And, back to this one. My friend and her husband had a baby, today. I was playing with the pattern in the middle and he came up with the idea of how it is set up. So, I decided, this blanket is for their brand new baby boy. A little out of the ordinary, for a baby. However, they are just as “out of the ordinary.” Great people, of course!

So, Jen and I pinned it this afternoon. A new way to pin it, for us.

Because this blanket is double-sided, I came up with the idea to pin the entire thing closed. No “binding.” And, we sewed it that way. It looked great!


A note in the middle of it and I rolled up. Asked the Nanny to deliver it – with my stomach bug, I shouldn’t be around brand new babies! from what Jen says, they love it and couldn’t believe I gave it to them. That warms my heart when I cry about losing another blanket.

I’m the type that wants to keep everything I make. Especially when they come out so beautifully!

While I was reading “Charlotte’s Web” to the boys (we read a chapter or two a night), Jen decided to pin the blanket for her niece the same way.

She’s waiting for me to sew it closed – her sewing machine is still at the shop, waiting for money to pay for the repairs – and I threatened her life if she broke my machine sewing this one closed. In jest, of course … maybe.

The mighty Nanny, killing another 6-legged critter for me.

And, with that, I have to say, I did have a lot of nice things to day, today. Even with the bad parts. I have several blankets to “bind” and then maybe give away, maybe keep for myself. I know, I know. Be nice to friends. Right, Jen?

Thank you for listening,



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3 thoughts on “If You Can’t Say…

  1. I can’t believe so called caring medical professionals turned a little boy away. Whatever happened to human decency and duty of care? I wonder if it’s chicken pox? Any blisters yet? He look poorly but not in a worrying way right now. Is there a place to go if you were worried?
    The quilts look fabulous!!

    • It’s not an emergency room, so they can turn away. I don’t think it is chicken pox, so no stress there. He doesn’t seem too uncomfortable, either.

      Thank you for the compliment,


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