Would I write?

Yesterday, at my weekly meeting with my counselor, he asked a question. He said, “Would you still write if no one were paying attention?” Of course, I answered yes. I told him that, in the beginning, I had only 2 people reading: ex #1 and the Nanny. Typically, in the evenings (or mornings) when I am about to publish something, I look for Jen as I hit send and then stare at her and smile. She loves to sit and read and has mentioned that she loves figuring out what goes on in my head.

He and I talked about how it is a balancing act between keeping it as my own personal writings and getting excited when I see a bunch of people read or “like” what I’ve written. It requires the constant reminding that I am just talking about me – nothing terribly exciting or enriching to others. I try not to write “for” others; but continue to use this as my own personal space to sort out my life and its direction for the future.

I told him that, in the past week, I’ve posted three times about things on my mind that could be considered offensive to others. I wrote them because I felt the need to put them into words and, while I was scared of losing the few readers I have, I didn’t let that stop me from putting ideas down. It was in my head, I wanted to write it, so I did. If the personal opinions scared off people, then there really wasn’t anything I could do about it. I couldn’t “coddle” everyone in my writing or it would become no longer mine. Side note: In the end, I had 3-5 new readers than before. I’m not saying it was because of my opinion, just that it happened that way.

Earlier this week, I reblogged “Is There Anything Wrong with Social Media?” by Chris Cartwright. I thought his ideas about social media were very apt and wanted to share. He shared a few points about the effects of social media and I’ll grant you, he’s much further along on his walk with/towards Christ than I am!

1. “It can encourage complaining“: I agree with that one. How many of us have a friend on Facebook that uses it as a constant outlet for all their terrible woes in life? The ones that never seem to have anything good to post about. I’ve deleted friends from Facebook for constantly being the type that uses it as a means to get attention. As we all know, when you post bad things happening, everyone flocks to help you feel better, make it right or ask questions. I’ve been guilty of that same behavior. I like to think it is in the past. My post from yesterday gives lie to that. I would defend myself and say, I wasn’t looking for sympathy so much as trying to work things out in my head and this blog is an excellent way to do that. Something I’ll have to keep an eye on, for sure. And, I posted not a word about it on Facebook. I used only my personal blog, which people are free to read or leave, as they wish.

2. “It Can Encourage Self Promotion“: Yes. Sometimes we do use our social media as a way of promoting ourselves. Since the beginning of this blog, I’ve added “Living the 1950s” as a page to my Facebook account and I have even signed up for a Twitter account of the same name. I’ll state the facts here, however. I did not sign up for Twitter for promotion. There was a link via WordPress and I got curious. As for Facebook? I wanted the Living the 1950s posts off my personal account so I created a page. I’ll have to be very careful with this one, as well. I can’t let this turn into something that consumes my days. My days, as I’m trying to recreate them, should be consumed with my boys and home life.

3. “A Focus on Sharing Opinions“: As I stated earlier, I have shared my opinions a few times. Mostly, it was because there was something rattling around in my head and I wanted to write them down. I hadn’t thought about seeking the Bible first and figuring out what I should have an opinion on or keep my mouth shut about. Hmmm.

So, we’re back to the same question. Would I write if no one was reading my words? I’d like to think so. I’ve finally found a way to set all the random thoughts flitting in my head down on paper (digital paper) and I’m running with it. I enjoy it. It gives me something to look forward to. And, occasionally, a family member (besides ex #1 and the Nanny) looks and sees the babies and how they’ve grown and what we’re all up to. Quite honestly, Facebook only allows so much space for showing pictures with stories behind them. This is much easier and faster!

Another thing I reblogged was God’s Plan for My Family, written by Steven Atwood which goes along with another of his posts I reblogged, “Make me know your ways.” He tells a story about a move his family made that he wasn’t so sure on but, in the end, the plan was revealed and things worked out the way they were supposed to. Right now, my family is coming down off a great upheaval. I’m hoping to find out later that things are exactly as they need to be. That we are all (with me as the leader in this, remember) are moving in the direction that we need to be headed for our futures to be as golden as promised by our Heavenly Father. There are times, I’ll gladly admit, I have no clue what’s what and where’s where. I just have to trust and keep leading as best I can.

P.S. Get used to reading Steven Atwood. I’ve read several things and want to reblog everything of his! I suggest taking a wander over there, maybe subscribing, and enjoying your time as much as I have. (There’s that promotion again! I promise, though, it’s worth it to read perspectives of others and gaining new insight to our daily walks with and towards Christ.)

So, for now, I write. I take what is in my head and hash it out on this pretty digital paper and set it free into the ether of the internet for the world to see. Without shame, without fame and with much appreciation for those that read and make comments.

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “Would I write?

  1. I looked about my home and thought of you today. I could do with some 1950’s magic over here 🙂 next week I will start to get the house to rights after the holidays.. hopefully 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment! I will say, it starts with one thing at a time. I started simple: Get up at 6:30 and get the boys a breakfast. It’s not always fancy, it’s not grand. When the boys get the choice, they always ask for “German Pancakes,” but I’ve managed to try a few new things here and there. After that, it was a process of trying other things.

      One of the biggest was learning that I didn’t have to leave the house every day. I could stay home and see them, be near them. I don’t always play with them (as they’d want) but I am close and they see me. They know me. They love the me they see.

      I am a work in progress and will continue until I am dead – I hope. As long as my children know that I am here, where they are, I think we’ll do good.

      Thank you again! I appreciate it!


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