Unintentional Lie

I didn’t mean to lie, but lie I did. I said I had nothing else to talk about tonight. I was sitting here, cleaning up some errors on the last post I made and remembered a comment my friend Elaine put on my post the other day. She mentioned stopping by the FlyLady’s website for hints and tips, tricks and ideas on keeping the house clean as I go. I popped over to the site this morning and was looking around when I saw a link for a story by another writer. The Potato Report is what caught my eye. It’s worth a look-see and a good read. It talks about keeping hold of anger when someone wrongs you or hurts you. The important part of the essay/story was on forgiveness. The analogy used was simply spectacular because it used a common potato to prove a point.

I was thinking about it for most of the day. I’ve thought about it a lot of times during the course of the summer, only this post made me think harder and longer. I am guilty of holding onto my anger and not forgiving. Part of me is scared that, if I do forgive, that means I have to open up to allow them to hurt me again. I refuse to do that. I can’t reopen my life to some people.

My friend Meg told me one time that, to ask for forgiveness isn’t so light a thing as we think. To sincerely ask for forgiveness means that we don’t expect it to be granted. We don’t expect someone to say yes but rather pray that they will. Saying, “I’m sorry” and receiving a “no problem” isn’t all that we think it is.

To truly forgive means to set something aside and force yourself to never think of it again. To truly forgive means that we don’t look at a person and think about it, don’t expect them to do it again. To expect that the person you forgave really did mean that they were sorry and that you really did forgive and do everything in your power to forget.

Of course, not forgiving can be detrimental to your health and well-being. It can drag you down, make you ill physically and mentally. Doesn’t the Lord Jesus Christ preach forgiveness? Something about seventy times seven? Doesn’t He say that you should forgive as your Heavenly Father forgave you?

It’s hard. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Forgiving things people have done to you. Asking, in all sincerity for others to forgive things you’ve done.

It has to be done, to further your walk with Christ. If you do not, there will always be something in the way of you fulfilling the destiny of what God has in store for you.

Am I ready? I can’t answer that. It pains me to think about doing it; it hurts me to think about not doing it. At some point, it must be done.

Thank you for listening,


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One thought on “Unintentional Lie

  1. So true, I too have battled with these thoughts. I too saw forgiveness as accepting someone back into your life. Now I see it as a letting go. I forgive you, even if you never said sorry at all and I do it for me. No more burning up with it all, no more hoping we might be reconciled.. Just a letting go.
    It only took me 30 years 🙂

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