Catching Up

I was hooking up my phone to get a few pictures off to post about and noticed that I had several things set in the drawer that I needed to go through and do something with. It wasn’t stuffed full but it does have a few things that have been left to lay, undisturbed and needing attention.

The shelf I use to store my laptop and other things that I save for writing. It holds a data cord that I use to get random pictures off my phone. A pad of paper. Beside it, you’ll see my design bag. I use that when I am creating or recreating the patterns for the quilts I like to put together. This shelf sits in my dining room, within easy reach of all that I use when I am sitting down to write or create. On top is the sugar free juice that the babies drink all day and all night, when they are thirsty. It’s the Nanny’s job to keep it cold.

Inside, however, is a different story. I have lay things in it with the intent of getting back to them later. Only, there has been no later. Until today. By the end of today, I’ll have done going through what I’ve saved and move on.

And so, having said that, what was my intent when I opened that drawer? Ah, yes. Reading. I’ve taken to reading randomly to the boys. I tried several times as they were younger but they never seemed to have the patience for it. I started again recently, when I found a very old version of Pinocchio.

Someone added a cover to the original book. It’s stuck fast and no amount of my playing will get it off. I’ve decided to leave it – as character.

This printing is dated 1938. This “version” seems a much bigger version that what I recall. It has a lot of details I’ve ever forgotten or have never known. I started reading it when the boys and I went out to dinner one night and it went from there. We read it in spurts and finished it just the other night. It went very well, so I decided to try another book.

This one is one of the first printings of Charlotte’s Web. A search of the internet shows that it was first published in 1952 and I have a 1952 hardback copy. We started it last night and I was forced to read two chapters this morning before the boys would go to school.

Reading it, seeing the pictures. It’s a flashback to a younger day in my life. A day when this story was memorized after having been read more times than I could count. I hope my boys remember these stories and reread them later in life.

This morning was the start of fall, for me. I made my boys Halloween pancakes, purchased at Walgreen’s for 99 cents (plus tax, must not forget the tax).

Yes, they look yummy in the pan.

But even better with a touch of butter and Splenda Syrup. The boys gobbled them all up and then we read two chapters of our latest book.

Yesterday, I was so very sick. My stomach was making more noise than I’d heard (in my memory) all my life. And it wasn’t pleasant going to the bathroom, either. For the entire evening, I was beside myself and very unhappy about the situation. First, I asked the Nanny, who was picking up the boys from my friend Meg’s house (thank you *so* much for taking them for dinner, last night – I really needed it), to ask Meg what I could do. She suggested some baking soda and water combination. I drank most of it, couldn’t swallow the rest, and the boys tasted it. They agreed with me – that stuff is gross!

Then, when I finally had enough, I asked Jen to call her mother. I told her to repeat to her mother these words, “Please, mom! Fix it!” Her mother sent over some Isagenix.

Wasn’t too bad. It had a berry tasted behind the nasty mediciny-taste. Her mother promised I’d be fine in 15 minutes. And, she spoke true. I ended up falling asleep and not being entirely uncomfortable. This morning, when I woke, my belly ached a little. I think it was just the residual pain of yesterday. Let’s hope that never comes back again!

Her mother also swears by this stuff. Keeping a small amount in your system every day helps with a lot of different things. It could even help me keep my sugars lower. That’d be nice, eh? And, without having to take medicine. I’m interested in trying it. Maybe I could even get used to the taste.

In the process of cleaning up my virtual desktop and the drawer in my dining room, I found a picture. I sent it to my 5 year old’s former Kindergarten teacher because it was so very cute. I won’t post the picture, as it shows my friend Meg’s last name. However, when asked on a survey by his 1st grade teacher who his favorite singer was, he named her. It was amazing!

I also found this picture. My son, Brendan, dancing to the Irish music being played at the Farmer’s Market, this weekend. I can see this becoming a trend in the future, he does it with nearly all music!

This last picture, I took from a friend’s Facebook page. She asked if anyone remembered these. I certainly do! I remember many a time, my parents would take us to the Mall to walk around and, when we were leaving, they would buy me one of these for a quarter. They would do it just because they wanted to see my face pucker as I ate it. I must find some of these for my children! I’d love to see their face pucker!

I think that’s all on my virtual desktop. Time to get to work cleaning out that drawer. Have a great day!

Thank you for listening,


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