But, I want to keep it!

I went to the Quilter’s shop, today. I asked him if I could take pictures of him and his shop and he agreed that was ok.

That’s Ron of Quick Quilts in Rigby. On the table beside him are two of my quilts. The one in the bag is finished (pictures below – the Nanny and I are calling it “Pastel Squares”) and the one folded up next to it (you can barely see it) is the quilt I called “Country Patchwork.” He has a horseshoe quilting pattern he is going to use on that one and he’s going to help me find a solid jean print for the backing. Jen has already said that she claims that one! He’s not (and neither am I) going for pieced jeans but a solid piece of denim. I can’t wait to see it. One drawback – he still has a stack of my quilts to finish. At first, I took 11 to him. I’ve picked up one (the one for a former sister-in-law’s baby) and dropped one off. Then, today, I picked up “Pastel Squares” and dropped off “Country Patchwork.” So, he still has 11 of them.

Right in the middle of that picture, you’ll see a red/white and blue quilt top (the Amish Americana I recreated). That stack right there is my quilts, waiting for him to work on them. I’m anxious! I should stop working on all quilts until he is done but I can’t! He did say to come back late next week and he will have more done. I just have to figure out how to make some money to pick them up. Ron doesn’t charge a lot, so it shouldn’t be too hard. If I hadn’t done so much at the Fair this weekend, that’d be an easy thing!

Anyway, without further adieu … “Pastel Squares!”

And, on my bed…

But, alas, it’s not meant to be. I want it so badly – with all its flaws and screw ups. This blanket – yes, with all its faults – is earmarked for someone else. It already has a home, although the person receiving it doesn’t know it, yet. It’s a surprise! Shhhhh!

While I was at the Quilter’s, my son went with me and was initially scared of the loud dogs. They were tiny things but yapped a lot and nipped at him. I told him to sit on the couch and wait for me while I spoke to the quilter. When I came back for him, he was on the floor with the dogs.

What was I saying about his affinity towards animals (like his father)? However, as soon as he stood up to leave, the dogs started barking again and nipping at him – scaring him to where he had to hide behind my skirts (pants) on the way out. Unusual dogs!

Not a lot else to talk about tonight. Have a great one, everyone!

Thank you for listening,


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6 thoughts on “But, I want to keep it!

  1. Looks great! Have you considered selling quilts on etsy I think it’s called? 🙂

  2. Elaine

    Pastel Squares is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the clean, unfussy design. Good job!

    • Thank you! It was from a $150 kit I bought back in the winter. I didn’t feel I could tackle the pattern included, so I made my own. And, if you look close (or stop by for coffee), you’ll see a pattern to the mess.

      Thank you!


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