You boys ever met a …

♪ ♫ “You boys ever met a real country girl? Talkin true blue, out in the woods, down home country.” ♫ ♪

One of my favorite songs and the “walking down the aisle” song during my wedding to ex #2. Unfortunate, how the marriage ended. I was so excited and so very much in love. I had thoughts of a 30-year future – a first for me. Because of the way the marriage ended, one would think I’d ditch that song. However, it’s a perfect example of who and what I am. The myriad of different “mes.” I’m not talking about multiple personalities. I’m talking about rising to any and every occasion – being what I need to be when I need to be such. Flexible. Making do with, and making the best of, circumstances.

The Nanny and I dropped off the boys at school and stopped by Hastings. When we got home, that song came on the radio and, of course, I started singing along. Especially the beginning of it. We had decided to watch another episode of the 180s hit, “Beauty and the Beast.” A new version of it will be coming on television in the next month or so and I’m showing Jen the original. She set it up to get it started and I asked Jen, “You gonna turn it off?” Without hesitation, she said, “It’s your song!” And that it is. A great end to an interesting morning.

I stopped by Hastings on the way home and showed the “Customer Service Manager” the post I made about “That’ll be six dollars.” He read it, then called out the head manager and he read it. While they were reading it, the barrister in question happened to pop over and he read or heard about parts of it. I was trying to look nonchalant, browsing comic books while they all read and discussed it.

I was thinking about my brother (J), looking at the comic books. I remember a time when he and his friend (J, as well) decided they wanted to create comic books. I remember them working long hours on their comic – and wish I had one of them, now, to show off. I wonder what would have happened, had we not moved and the two friends drifted apart. I smile to recall the memory.

The manager and the “Customer Service Manager” came back over to me. The older of the two, I’m assuming the Store Manager, started talking about how he was sorry for my experience. He was doing great and I appreciated it until he started talking about how ordering special items confuses people and makes things not easy to charge for. I finally told him, “You can make all the excuses you want for things costing more or less. However, after two years and ordering it for $5.04, I expect a certain price. And, to tell me it’s my fault because of what I order? That’s bullshit.” I was rather polite about it but I did make myself heard. I wasn’t going to let him start blaming things on me. I added, “I came back that very evening and ordered it again during your 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. “Buy one, get one” special and, guess what? It was 5.04.”

I was polite as can be and let them know I was unhappy. They offered that my next drink would be on them. I thanked them and mentioned it wouldn’t be during the same hours as that employee. When I left, I didn’t take a reminder or anything else about a free drink. That wasn’t the point of what I did and what I wrote. I don’t care about free drinks. Typically, when I complain, I’m not looking for anything free. I just want to make people aware. I just hope it worked.

I looked up the definition of a “Country Girl.” I was curious what the world wide web had to say by way of definition. The Urban Dictionary says, “The country girl tends to care less about appearances and more about other things.” Of course, in their view, a country girl was someone hot and worth snatching up immediately. Yeah, no thanks. Although, most times, I don’t over-stress my appearance. I am who I am and, while I try to be healthy, we all know it fails miserably quite often. I’m a good looking woman and mother. That’s all that’s needed.

I looked around some more. I found a website called, “Made Man,” and purports to be instructions for life for men. I clicked around. It’s got some interesting information. Yes, I got curious and clicked on “5 Fun Ways to Masturbate.” I couldn’t help myself. Aside from that, I found a post about “10 Reasons to Date a Country Girl.” Good article! I quote:

  1. Country girls know how to have fun
  2. Country girls are down to earth
  3. Country girls are cute
  4. Country girls can cook
  5. Country girls can clean
  6. Country girls are creative
  7. Country girls have manners
  8. Country girls have strong family values
  9. Country girls know how to hang with the guys
  10. Country girls know how to treat a man

I would add another one; although, an argument can be made that it goes along with “strong family values.” A country girl cares about the land she lives and breathes on. She takes care of it, nurtures it and prepares the same land to pass on to her children. Of course, that also means caring about her country, “The United States of America.” Or, maybe that’s just me.

Start checking off the list because that is me. Fit to a T, as my dad used to say. And so, because of that, I’ll keep my song and have a great day! It’s nearly time to go get Brendan. He made me swear I’d come get him when school was over. Too much driving, in my opinion. That’s what I pay the Nanny for!

Thank you for listening,


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