It’s not working

Ok, so it’s not working. Unintentionally, I told a lie. We don’t keep the house “spic-n-span” all the time with no real need to set a schedule in place. We’ve had times where we needed to “get the house in order” and, of course, the Nanny knows what that means and pitches in and takes care of it with me. So, I’ve come to understand that, while I keep a relatively clean house, I do need days when I take care of business. So, I’ve brought out the old ideas and am sifting through them, looking to make a schedule. I’m working on a schedule and then I will work on getting Jen to adjust and adapt to the new routine. Something that gives us more time to be “lazy” when the boys are in school, I hope, without the dread of missed chores and things need doing.

First, the pdf I got from The Time-Warp Wife, which gives me an idea of what I might set out to schedule: CleaningSchedule. Tomorrow, a review of that and study it well. Before setting anything into stone, I need to also consider what the wives and housewives of old would do. What their schedule was.

Monday: Wash Day
Tuesday: Ironing Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day
Thursday: Market Day
Friday: Cleaning Day
Saturday: Baking Day
Sunday: Day of Rest

If I remember rightly, I copied that from one of my older cookbooks quite some time ago. It’s been sitting in a file on my desktop since. So, we have two piece of information to start from. Each with similarities; one modern and one age-old. Since laundry is so easy to do, it doesn’t take an entire day to itself and I can’t being to tell you when I last did the ironing. Unless you count when I am working on quilts and it has to be pressed after sewing or prepped for sewing.

I like the idea of a “Sewing Day,” but I’d rather have sewing every day! I have found, though, that I can’t do it every day, all day. A baking day sounds nice but we don’t bake very much. Occasionally, I’ll bake something for snack after dinner or for a treat through the day. I don’t really plan that sort of thing.

Which brings up the next topic. Setting up a schedule for the week. What will I cook, what snacks will I have for my children. I detest the idea of a schedule! It means I can’t do things on a whim! This will take some serious thought and some honest soul-searching on my part. A schedule means that the children know what to expect and when. As they grow, it will be that much more important. A schedule also makes it so we all know what to expect and when.

So, this week’s goal? A schedule, both for household and for food.

An idea?

Monday: Bathrooms – clean and wash floors, change out towels and what-nots, make sure toilet paper is covered.

Tuesday: Bedrooms, putting toys away, cleaning up floors and making sure the dressers are well-kept. change sheets and maybe blankets.

Wednesday: All common areas dusted and cleaned up plus floors – all the common areas. Washed and vacuumed as needed.

Thursday: Grocery Shopping. Although I prefer to do this closer to Saturday. Farmer’s Market typically gives us the lettuce and vegetables we use. When that ends at the end of Sept, we’ll have to modify how and where we purchase things. The local “market” for these kinds of things isn’t as good as I’d like. Maybe there’s another I can find. This will take research.

Friday: Sewing day! I can sit behind the sewing machine all day and night, if I so choose. Or, at least, I wish.

Saturday: Farmer’s Market (until the end of Sept, and then we have to figure out something else), cleaning up sticks, a little antique store shopping.

Sunday: Rest

I’ll work on fleshing it out, during this week. Maybe adjusting this to fit our needs.

Thank you for listening,


(Pictures from various places around the net.)

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One thought on “It’s not working

  1. Elaine

    Take a look at this: She offers some great cleaning tips for people who don’t want to spend all day enslaved to the house, and has links to the Dinner Diva who specializes in menus and recipes, quick, easy and nutritious.

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