REBLOG: Is There Anything WRONG With Social Media?

Striving For Wisdom

We all LOVE social media.It is something that many of us spend several hours a day on. We may be facing friends on Facebook; tweeting tweets on twitter; pining interests on Pintrist; or you may be viewing the tube on Youtube. All of these sites and more are what consumes the lives of most young people, and many older ones as well for that matter.

We all know the advantages of these websites: staying connected with friends and family; networking; quick and easy communication for both work and personal ventures; DIY help; Social Marketing (you may be reading this Blog post as a result of that); getting hundreds of people praying for a need, and much more.

However we have to ask ourselves these questions: is social media all good? Could there be some major dangers associated with it as well? Certainly stalking could be a danger associated with…

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