The Fair and Quilting

Yesterday, we went to the Fair in Blackfoot. Spent more than I ought to have but the boys had a great time. Of course, I’m quite sure it isn’t as much fun for them as I think it is. I mean, don’t they constantly hear the same thing, over and over again? “Don’t touch that.” “Don’t run off.” “Wait for me.” “No, I can’t buy you that.” “No, you can’t eat all the food you want and not get sick.”

Brendan chows down on an ear of corn bigger than his head.

I bought them glow-sticks (run on AA batteries) that are reminiscent of Star Wars and they had a blast with them. Excpet for when I was talking, “Don’t hit anyone.” “Watch where you swing that.” “Don’t drop it. It’ll break.” “Please watch where you swing that – you almost hit that lady.” And on, and on.

Until Caiden dropped his and broke it. From then on, Brendan’s stayed in the shoulder bag and Caiden begged me to get another one. I don’t think a mere dropping broke it. I do believe (although I wasn’t paying attention) it was thrown in the air and a catch was attempted – and failed. If I hadn’d spent so much and pickled myself right and proper, I’d consider going back down and getting him a new one.

As always, feeding the animals was a grand time. And, of course, avoiding the big ones is a good idea!

To my defense, I was ducking down to see the little ones next to him!

Um. Brendan. Please pay attention when trying to feed a large animal!

Caiden watching baby chickens being born.

We sat and watched this guy (selling Kitchenaid Crockery) for nearly an hour and took over what he’d made as leftovers – and had them for dinner. A doggie bag from the fair. Yum! (He actually does cook very well – of course, that’s what he’s paid to do.)

We got home, took a nap (I really needed one after all the fair food) and Caiden wanted to show me this when I woke up. I had to take pictures and promise to talk about it. This set (and those added to it) started the Christmas when he was barely 2 years old and the baby was 6 months old. He has loved trains since birth and, unless we keep him really busy, wants nothing more than to keep building train track after train track. I’m hoping he keeps his love of trains into adulthood. We’ll see.

I’m still working on the quilt top for my bed. I’ll keep you posted as it goes. I’m anxious to finish it as I got many ideas while at the Fair. The Quilt Show was spectacular and I know I didn’t take nearly enough pictures to foster ideas in my head. I may never be as good as those in the show, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a blast trying – over and over again!

This afternoon, I took the boys out for some bow-and-arrow practice. Caiden is getting good – when he remembers to be calm and deliberate, not fiery and fiesty. Brendan, as of right now, lacks the strength. If we help him, he does pretty good. I forgot my camera (but I’m blaming the Nanny) or I’d have more pictures of that for y’all.

Time to cook dinner. If I hadn’t pickled myself so badly at the Fair yesterday, I might have taken them back tonight to see the night life of the fair. Maybe I still will. We’ll see.

Thank you for listening,


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4 thoughts on “The Fair and Quilting

  1. NanJenni

    Please daddy can we have money so we can go back to the fair. With a cherry on top of the funnel cake that is. We’ll save that funnel cake for you.

  2. Ugh hate it when those light up treasures break 😦 worth checking the bulb and trying new batteries 🙂

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