Sword Fight

Today is now considered, “National Empty Chair Day.” At least, to some people, it is. It started with a speech by Clint Eastwood on the last night of the Republican National Convention. I’ve seen a lot of people poking fun at Clint Eastwood for his speech. However, the man is 82 and did not use a teleprompter for his speech. He just spoke what was on his mind. For that, I applaud him and will watch the speech a thousand times and not say a word about his age-riddled thoughts. He had some very good points and I applaud him for speaking out. As a public figure, he is the same as Jason Aldean – he has to watch what he says or the masses will jump all over him. Again, I tell those to grow up and listen to what is being said instead of picking it apart. I am currently upset at someone I enjoy reading/listening to (Glenn Beck) because he had the nerve to do that same thing to Clint Eastwood’s speech!

One of the best things he said was, “When somebody does not do the job, we gotta let them go.” Amen! I couldn’t have said it better myself – and probably never will.

So, we have an empty chair day, instead of Labor Day.

And so, being who I am, I followed along.

I decided a comfortable chair wasn’t needed. I think I’ll leave it there a day or two, just to get my point across. I’m a vet, disabled at that, and I’m upset at how our country has been handled the past few years.

Let me get back on my soapbox (the one I used for my Jason Aldean Speech) and tell you this about me, as well: I voted for Bush and I think he did a great job with the tools he had available to him. So there.

I can’t wait to go see the movie 2016: The Movie. It’ll be interesting to see one man’s thoughts of what our future will be like – if President Obama gets reelected.

Now, I think I’m going to vote for Mitt Romney. I see him as a good candidate. Especially after I saw this (which I hope is true):

So, there ya have it. I’m done with all this election crap. I’ve made my decision and let’s move on, shall we? This is not supposed to be a political blog. I had to get this off my chest before I could move on.

I ended up taking my boys back to the fair tonight. I think we had a great time. We even came home with 4 swords. Yes, a waste of money. But, if you saw the faces on the boys when mommy and the Nanny jumped in and started a sword fight with them, you’d understand.

We now have 5 swords (one broke, remember) and we’re saving the 5th for ex #1 when he comes home. But, don’t tell him. Brendan wants it to be a surprise. Brendan has also decided he wants to be a Ninja and I explained he has to go to Ninja school. He insists that I have to find a Ninja school for him.

We stopped at a tent that was for children, not knowing what was inside. Well, this is what we found…

A tent of child toys and games. Awesome!

Being silly.

My little pig and cow indians. LOL

Time to feed the animals. They had fun with this and would have done it for a long time. However, there were other children waiting so mom hurried them along.

Just outside that same tent, they had a miniature horse shoe throwing spot. The boys had fun and Brendan was the first one to ring a horseshoe. I was proud. Caiden got very close. Then, Brendan had a brilliant idea. Much like mommy’s lightbulb-over-the-head-ideas.

We have to wear the horseshoes.

“Wait. It might work better if I take my shoes off, first.”

“It didn’t work, mom.”

Meanwhile, Jen and Caiden had gone back into the children’s tent to see what else they could do.

The Nanny dressed my son up as a pig!

And then, she had the audacity to do my other boy the same way! Check out his teeth! He’s trying to make pig oinking sounds.

“Needle in a Haystack.” Buried in the straw was some stickers, some tattoos and some pencils. We found some pencils but put them back. It was only right, since we didn’t really need them.

Like the boys I am teaching them to be, they told the lady thank you for letting them play and we moved on.

Not too far away, we found another play area for children of all sizes. There were many tables covered with scientific (but fun) experiments for the young at heart.

We stumbled on a mobile aquarium that housed sharks. It was a semi-truck manufactured to transport the sharks. Pretty ingenious but I wonder if they ever get out? I guess they have to, at some point. Right? The Nanny and I certainly hope so. Just not when the boys are watching – thoroughly entranced.

Next up, we found a man who trains his dogs for a frisbee catching show. It was actually pretty cool and you have to look close at the pictures to see the dogs. The first one was awesome because he would crouch down like a panther (or a house cat) about to spring on an unsuspecting enemy or dinner.

The next two dogs would actually compete. There was a green and an red frisbee and they had to catch more than the other dog. The brown dog is actually a Golden Retriever who had a “double-recessed gene” that gave him the markings of a tiger. He was amazing! You have to look closely at each picture to see how high the dogs actually jumped, in order to get the frisbee.

Look really close towards the right. You can see how high the Border Collie jumped after her/his pink/red frisbee.

If you look close, you can see the Border Collie about to jump and slightly to the right is the Golden Retriever in mid-jump.

Under the pretzel sign, you’ll see the Border Collie jumping to get the frisbee. It’s hard to see but amazing! Look for the pink bandana to get her in your sights. Then, see how high she is compared to the people!

Brendan didn’t take his eyes off the dogs the entire show. I think he’ll be like his father (ex #1) and grow up with an affinity towards dogs.

This last picture is the Nanny, Caiden and Brendan. They were watching the small horse showing. There was two sets that we watched but I didn’t get good pictures of those. After this, we started walking out of the fair (it was 8 p.m. and they have school in the morning). We stopped at a booth and bought the last 2 swords ($12) before heading home. We were having so much fun playing at sword fighting, I forgot to take pictures.

All in all, it was a nice day. I did spend more than my allowance going to the fair twice. The food was expensive but the pictures I got for the babies to remember this by in the future was more than worth it. For both fair visits, I got about 300 pictures, if not more.

Tomorrow, we go back to our routine of school and life. Try to recover by buying as little as possible (we have plenty of food) and saving up for the next adventure of my little clan. Oh, and I did go back to the Quilt Show and get a few more pictures. I’ll be examining them over the next little bit, seeing what I can and can’t recreate or use as a basis for my own ideas. Would you have expected any less?

Thank you for listening,


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