Happy as a Pig

Jason Aldean made a post on his Facebook yesterday and a good 75% of the replies were in agreement; the other 25% were very angry that he would do such a thing. He wrote, “College Football has finally arrived!!! Im happier than a fat kid with an ice cream cone!!!” I’m sure you can see why some would be angry. A “fat kid” comment in public view. How dare he! Right?

Where do I stand on this?

When I first saw the comment, I was a little confused why he would open himself up that way. And then I thought about it. I do the same thing, only I don’t do it publicly. I’m just little old me and not a star in the Country Music field. I’ve said things like, “That’s so gay!” The only difference being, no one pays attention to what I say.

I pulled up an empty window in Firefox and, as is typical when I want to define a word, I typed, “define gay” in the address bar. It came back with this at the top:


(of a person, esp. a man) Homosexual.
A homosexual, esp. a man.
merry – cheerful – jolly – joyful – blithe – mirthful

Now, when I say the phrase, I’m not talking about homosexuals. I’m not talking about cheerful or merry. When I say “that’s so gay,” I am typically talking about something that “isn’t quite right.” So, I scrolled to the first official definition and came up with Wikipedia’s definition. This includes the following:

“In the Anglosphere, this connotation, among younger speakers, has a derisive meaning equivalent to rubbish or stupid (as in “That’s so gay.”). In this use, the word does not mean “homosexual”, so it can be used, for example, to refer to an inanimate object or abstract concept of which one disapproves.”

There we go. See? I’m not being offensive. I’m using a term that I’ve used since I was a young child. A phrase spoken a million times and not meant to be derogative towards a homosexual. Yet there are some who would jump all over me and beat me into smithereens for saying such a thing. For not being sensitive enough to realize my words just might hurt their feelings.

Now, was Jason Aldean trying to be derogative towards a fat child who loves ice cream? No. Put simply, I see it as him using a phrase he’s used for most his life to describe how happy he is. I’ve said the same thing – and I’m quite sure every one of those who yell at him have, as well. Are we a little more cautious, in today’s world? Yes. Could he have phrased it better? Quite probably. Do I see it as a major problem? Not so much.

I have a 5 year old who is a son of two diabetics (both my children are) and, when he’s given something sweet or “out of the ordinary,” he scarfs it down like someone’s going to steal it. I worry about his health and weight as he gets bigger, seeing how much he likes sweets and snacks. So, I do my best, as a mother, to limit him and keep him in a healthy weight range. He doesn’t sit behind a computer or video game. He doesn’t watch but maybe 3 hours of television a week. I see his potential for weight and health problems (at 5 years old) and am trying to modify things just enough to help him – before it gets bad.

Not everyone is like me. Some have serious problems. Others have “lack of desire” problems. As of now, my son is not overweight. I’m working to make sure that doesn’t happen. However, am I upset at Jason Aldean for his comment? Nope. Because I am too busy taking responsibility for my child.

A side note, I just broke my nail helping my youngest. I was showing the Nanny and she said, “That’s so crazy!” Does that mean she’s making fun of mentally ill people? Get real.

I think society is having too much fun picking on others, tackling their choice of words or lifestyle and not spending enough time working on what matters: family. Do I care what Jason Aldean says? Not typically. I admire his music and (of course) his looks – but otherwise, I don’t care. He’s a man. He does what he wants, when he wants. He might upset me with some random words or phrase; but, this is his life to do as he wishes. Unless he calls me (or mine) a moron (or worse), he can do as he wants (within the law, of course).

Some of the comments mentioned his singer status. Ok, so he sings songs. People look up to him. Right? You might make a good argument about how he has to lead by example. How about the parents leading by example and explaining to your child that he spoke a phrase. A jest. You, as the parent, explain that he’s not talking about your little child with Downs’ Syndrome who is overweight or that child who takes medication because everything he eats gains him 50 pounds.

One person said he was being a bully because he said such a phrase. He’s bullying the small overweight child. Really? Are you freaking kidding me? How is that being a bully? I can’t even think of how to attack this one, it pisses me off so much. They mention that kids have committed suicide because of bullying.

No, children do not commit suicide because of bullying. They kill themselves because their parents (and those in authority) aren’t paying attention. They die by untold numbers because the ones who are supposed to teach them and guide them safely in this world are failing them. If one thing doesn’t work and those children are still distraught and upset, try something new. Take them to church. Take them to a counselor. Be so much a part of your child’s life, you *know* the instant something is wrong or upsetting to them. Fix it. Take the leadership in your family and do it. Don’t blame Jason Aldean because he spits out some age-old phrase you don’t like.

I guess what I am trying to say is, “don’t get your panties in a bunch,” over some silly comment by someone who you may like to listen to sing. I think it is ridiculous how, in this time in our country, everyone is so picky about every little thing said. Grow up.

Now, on a happier (gayer) note: I am working on a blanket for my new bed frame! Yes, already. I happened to be in-between projects and decided to go for it.

I took 2 Moda “French General” Jelly Rolls left over from my quilting store and set out to find the “perfect” blanket for my new bedroom.

First, find the pattern:

The pattern in this magazine is for a throw, not for a queen-sized blanket. So, I set out to recreate the pattern to a Queen (or bigger, as I like bigger blankets) sized quilt.

Using the grid, I can measure out each block and get the number of blocks I need to make it a bigger blanket. Also, the original calls for 2″ strips that, when sewn together, make 1.5″ strips. I want to use the Jelly Roll, which is 2.5″ strips. So, the grid helps me measure and set up the sizing I need for that.

I need three pieces of the jelly roll and 2 pieces of a solid color. I have an entire bolt of the tan left over from my failed store, so that’s easy. I had to break open the second jelly roll to get three pieces of the pattern.

The first strip is done. It’s called “chain piecing,” if I remember rightly. I sew strips like this and then cut them down to size later on. It makes things go faster than the days of old, when each piece was cut and pieced individually. And, there’s a bit more uniformity in stitches when doing it this way.

You’ll have to wait for more pictures. I’m still sewing all my strips together.

Yesterday, at Farmer’s Market, I finally gave in and spent the $15 (I get $50 every Saturday morning for Farmer’s Market) on a toy Caiden has wanted the entire summer. It’s a fake bow and arrow set. I set about teaching him how to do it yesterday. We did alright for a first try.

It’s hard, teaching him all the little ins and outs of a bow and arrow. In the future, I would love to see him hunting with bow and arrow, so I’ll keep at it.

Jen got one over the fence. Good job, Jen!

I also did something else I’ve been waiting all summer for. I bought two Maple trees for my yard. A piece of me in this space I am renting – and hoping to buy in the future.

And, we planted them. I buy two because I have two boys. I buy Maple Trees because they are from my childhood on the east coast. I love Maple trees. In the house I lost, I planted two Maple Trees and planted them when my boys were born. I lost those when I lost the house, as well.

Planted. Now, grow!

Until I finish the quilt for my bedroom, we found (in all my blankets and quilts) and are using this one. I think it matches a lot better than the one I did have.

Now, our plans for today? We’re going to the Fair. I’ve asked ex #1 if I could have $50 and take the boys there. Of course, that means Jen has to get them cleaned up, ready for the day and keep them relatively calm until I am ready to go. When I get home, I want to work some more on the quilt for my bed. Of course.

Thank you for listening,


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