I feel like a big girl, now

A little more about my bedroom. We (the Nanny and I) stayed up a little late and redecorated my bedroom. I had to! I had to make the bed frame match!

Entering my room.

“To the left, left, left, right, left.”

(Sorry, old habits die hard. It’s a boot camp marching song)

The Nanny and I have decided. I need to make a queen sized quilt that matches my bedroom. Up until now, I’d use the latest one (made or bought at yard sales, etc) and move on. I’m a blanket (quilt) collector and have many pieces to play and enjoy. What I need to do is make one to match the 1970s look of the house and my bedroom and get it decorated that way. Then, I can start adding pictures and whatnots.

There we have it. My newly designed bedroom – based on the bed frame I got yesterday. It will change up a bit as I figure out what and how. But, there’s the new “basics.”

There’s just something about having a bed frame. I feel like I’m a big girl, now. A mother with her own room. Who woulda thought, huh? I’m loving the concept. Now to make sure all the “little” details match.

We’re off to Farmer’s Market and then who-knows-what. Have a great day, y’all!

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “I feel like a big girl, now

  1. Having a cosy retreat is so important to my mental wellbeing, Glad you are enjoying yours πŸ™‚

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