“Would you take $30?”

Today, I was leaving my friends’ house and saw a yard sale just a few blocks away. I stopped, being the curious sort I am, and took a look. The first thing I saw was a queen size headboard, foot board and rails for $40. The second thing I saw was a white baby bassinet of yesteryear on wheels. I didn’t get a picture of that. My apologies. The third thing I saw was a blanket that I absolutely fell in love with.

I called ex #1. I begged, pleaded, wheeled and dealed. Please, can I have $40? I haven’t gotten my first of the month money from the VA yet and I really want this bed frame. I’ve been without one since … August of 2000. I only have a frame, a box spring and a mattress. He finally relented, telling me that I was spending some of my grocery money on this bed and I quickly said, “OK!”

I ran to the bank, pulled out the funds he gave me and raced back to the yard sale. The blanket I adored was gone. The baby bassinet was still there and so was the bed. I held out $30 and asked politely, “Would you take $30 for the bed frame?” The lady agreed and the bed frame was mine.

How to get it home?


I no longer have Rendy. I’m driving ex #1’s small Corolla.

Frantic text to my friend Meg and, while waiting for an answer, looked around the yard sale again. The white bassinet was so darling. So cute. It was $3. I bought it.

I took it home and gave it to my boys to put their stuffed animals in. For a little bit, anyway. My thoughts are for the future. Decorating it with some of my quilting things. For now, they can have it. And, I waited. Ever so politely. For my friend to call or text me back.

She finally did and we all loaded up to go get my bed frame. When we got home, my boys went with her to get ice cream and the Nanny and I went to Rigby to drop off another quilt top I had finished.

I found a picture of a quilt in a magazine. It had no instructions on how to make it, so I pulled out my graph paper and made a good, solid attempt at recreating it. With graph paper, I can plot and plan just about any quilt top.

That’s my rendition. I was going to take a picture of the magazine picture. I forgot and then the quilter asked to keep it when I dropped this quilt off. He is going to try and recreate the quilting part of it with his machine. I can’t wait to see it finished. However, here’s the quilt top I designed.

It was an Amish quilt, including the red, white and blue colors. They tend to have larger spaces open in their quilts. In this fashion, they can show off their quilting skills. No patterns, only solid colors and then they do some amazing work with quilting. My hands no longer function in that way, so I take it to a quilter with a big machine. As soon as I get the magazine back, I’ll show y’all the original. This is created as a twin size and the picture details say the original is pretty much the same as a twin size. There’s only a few inches difference between theirs and mine.

Brendan was checking it out when I put it on my spare twin bed to see about the sizing.

The quilter complimented me on my recreation. I was beaming when I left and I managed to bring home one of the quilts that was at his shop. It’s for my former sister-in-law who had a baby in June, so I can’t post pictures until she gets it. He was just putting the pastel quilt I made on his machine when I left and he said he’ll have all 11 of the quilts I gave him done by mid-next week. I’m terribly excited but not sure where the money is coming from to pay him and pick them up. I’ll have to pick up one at a time.

Fast forward to just after dinner. The Nanny got a call from her family about a surprise birthday party for one of her brothers and she and the boys went off to play there. I decided I needed my new bed put together.



A bed frame! My own bed frame! It takes up quite a bit of my room. I date it as a 1970s because of the dark wood but it is solid wood and terribly beautiful. I’m so happy with it! And, it only cost me $30.

On the foot board are some strange little decals. I’ll have to see if I can date and name this bed frame.

Unique. I’m dying of curiosity. And, of course, I can’t wait to go to bed and check it out!

Thank you for listening,


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4 thoughts on ““Would you take $30?”

  1. Great find!

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