“That’ll be six dollars”

My son was telling me this morning that he wants to marry me. We had a talk about not being able to marry your mother and, after quite a few minutes, I got him to understand. Later in the day, he told me he’s going to get married and bring me home a baby girl. He’s going to name her “Pepper.” I happened to be wearing my Dr. Pepper shirt, today. I look forward to reminding him of that, in the future.

I went to fix a computer, this morning. I took over some of my first attempts at cold coffee for my friend. I cautioned her that it was my first attempt and to reserve judgement. She drank it all down, so it must have been ok.

I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman. She has some good recipes, even if I do think she is getting too big for her britches. She’s got great ideas and even greater personality – that is what sells her recipes and books! However, in the beginning, she was all about living “simply” in the “country.” So, why the tv show? Why the multiple cook books? Why all the gloss and glamor? My opinion is, she’s losing her message. Go back to simple living and I will flock to your feet to learn from you. Talk about living simply and have a TV show, your own line of what-nots and do-dads and you’ve lost my interest. Great recipes, but no more money from me. I’ll keep the one cookbook I have and go on my merry way.

But hey. What do I know.

Where was I? Cold Coffee! Right!

After soaking an entire pound of coffee in 8 quarts of water, I strained it with cheesecloth. I noticed one thing – I need a bigger metal colander. I’ve only ever used the small one. I have a large plastic one for pasta (bad idea with coffee – can we say, “stains?!”) and a smaller one for draining my ground beef, etc.

That coffee looks really strong! So, I dumped it down the drain and put 8 more quarts of water with the original pound of coffee and let that sit for a spell.

That looks appetizing, doesn’t it? Yeah. I didn’t think so, either.

When it was done, I strained it again and put it in the fridge. Didn’t look so dark, this time. I’m not one for strong coffee. I drink coffee constantly, but, I like it where you can actual taste the flavors. With my K-Cup machine, I make a small cup of coffee and toss it out. Then, using the same K-Cup, I make a large cup of coffee. It comes out the perfect lighter blend for me.

Fast forward many hours and I pull the coffee from the fridge and get a really bright idea.

Blend it with ice, creamer and Splenda!

Yeah. Not such a great idea. Very weak coffee. That spawned another great idea! Add some of the original coffee to the weak coffee blend and make it stronger – but, what to do about ice cubes? Ah-ha! Freeze coffee ice cubes! I got that idea from another blogger. My apologies for forgetting where and when.

Alas, we had the cold coffee with cold coffee ice cubes this morning, that I took to my friend. She liked it enough to finish it. I’m not sure she’d ask for another deliberately. I’m not sure I would! Also, it’s not entirely like my favorite at Hastings, but we can’t win them all. Right?

Speaking of Hastings. Yesterday morning, I had a computer call. I stopped by Hastings on the way and got my favorite coffee. I had a $5, a $10 and 3 quarters. It typically costs $5.04. It’s no longer served on the menu, so I have to ask for it specifically. Everyone on the Hastings coffee floor throughout the day knows me. They only ask one question: Hot or Blended? I answer accordingly and they make it. For $5.04. And have purchased it that way for … probably 2 years.

The morning shift guy is … (insert long pause while I find a polite word for asshole) … not typically polite. You have to force him to speak to you, force him acknowledge you are a human being and then you get only a few short words. His favorite words for me are typically un-polite. For near 2 years, I’ve ordered the same thing. Every time. “Creme Brulee Sugar-Free Decaf, please.” At one point, it was on their menu (a Creme Brulee, that is) and I fell in love with it. I get the sugar-free version because it’s better for me, as a diabetic, with less sugar than with all the sugar (they don’t have all the flavors in sugar-free – never have, never will). After 2 years (or more), I know they don’t have them all sugar-free. I take what I can get and deal with it.

He reminds me. Every time I go to order it. He tells me that it is a waste of money to order it sugar-free when it’s not. He tells me it’s a waste of his talents to make an age-old drink that’s no longer part of the menu. He’s constantly saying disparaging and rude remarks about my choice of coffee.

And, to top it off, yesterday, he charged me close to $6.00 for the coffee and told me it was my fault for ordering the most expensive thing on the menu.


I don’t go out of my home much, anymore. I spend most of it behind the walls of the comfortable palace I am creating for me and mine. After this past spring and all the horrors that went with it, I feel safer and more relaxed in my own home and rarely leave. A lot more know than before, but I still prefer to stay home and deal with life this way.

Some who know me are actually surprised I didn’t revert back to the agoraphobia I suffered from in ’99 and early 2000. I refuse to let myself, simply because I have children now and they need me to *not* do that. And, along with that, I go to Hastings and get my favorite coffee – the way I need to in order to make myself feel better about it.

And now, this …. jerk that serves in Hastings in the mornings has started to charge me more because he detests the fact that I love the coffee I order. And, it’s a much healthier choice for me – as a diabetic.

Talk about making a serious attempt to ruin someone’s morning.

P.S., I did have a great time this morning and yesterday morning with my friend (it was her husband that had problems with his laptop two days in a row). I apologize for not having the energy to get out and walk with you. I should have! It would have been so nice! I will say that your back yard is amazing for just sitting and relaxing with friends! You’ve done a great job with it!

Thank you for listening,


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4 thoughts on ““That’ll be six dollars”

  1. Why not look for a nicer place to have your coffee. Life is too short for that sort of interaction. 6 dollars for a coffee? good grief. I feel I stay home more than I should, it is comforting and my days are easily filled. I will make some more effort this fall to go swimming like I used to and meet a friend now and then. 🙂 Sometimes when I berate myself for not getting out more I question myself am I happy.. yes am I content.. yes. I do have a habit of beating myself up over things i think I *should* do.

    • Couple reasons, actually. I’m a creature of habit. No one else makes the Creme Brule. Althought, there’s a Java Juice down the street that makes on similiar and cheaper. And,Hastings is a book store… biggest reason. Hehe

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