I went to the store to get some hamburger meat, garlic and tomato sauce. I was going to make chili tonight. I hit Albertson’s during a nice sale and picked up quite a few things I haven’t purchased in awhile because I was tight on money. I actually took pictures to show how much I got for $100. I was proud of me – and everything there I will use. I didn’t buy things on sale just “because they were on sale.” Oh, and I did get the pieces for my chili but I declared we are going to eat leftovers until they are gone and then I will make my up and coming famous chili.

A lot of food. Most of it is for storage when things are tight and I’m running out of the “basics.” Here’s a few close up shots.

I don’t usually buy pudding. Since I have to send snacks with Caiden to school every day, I purchased those puddings for 75 cents a pack. Inside each is 4 pudding cups. It was worth it – he’ll have his healthy snacks but a few fun snacks mixed in. The bar-b-que sauce is for storage. I don’t always have some available when I want it – now I do. The Classico sauce was $1.99/jar. I bought 8 because it was a great buy and I can use it in various recipes.

So, I’ve done a bit of shopping. Later, I went to the restaurant store here in town and picked up some cheese-cloth for a recipe I found earlier today. I’ll post more on that tomorrow.

However, while I was there, I found out that they are about to start their Fall Cooking Class Schedule. I didn’t know they had cooking classes! I so want to go! One problem. Each class is $85 dollars and you have to pre-register. There’s only 10 seats per class.

September 15th: Appetizers featuring Chef Shane O’Dell

September 22nd: Mexican Cuisine featuring Chef Bertha Moreno

September 29th: Aussie Eats featuring Chef Brian Hall

October 6th: Mexican II featuring Chef Bertha Moreno

October 15th: Basics of Steaming and Stir-Frying featuring Helen Chen II

October 20th: Bread I featuring Sue Velasquez

October 27th: Bread II featuring Sue Velasquez

November 17th: Thanksgiving Dinner featuring Rush’s Kitchen Supply Co.

Think Like a Chef Series (4 classes, graduate and get an apron with your name, a diploma and the right to take class 5): October 13th, November 3rd and 10th and December 1st.

The bold ones are the ones I am most interested in, even though all of them promise to be amazing. I have to figure out how to get the funds to sign up for some of them. However, with the Rendy broken again, I don’t know if that’s entirely possible.

Tonight, I feel good as I get ready to settle down for sleep. We’ll eat left over Oven Baked French Toast for breakfast and then I have a computer call after dropping the boys off at school.

Oh, and the Nanny has a job interview at noon. She is going to work roughly 20 hours a week as a home hospice helper. Is that what it’s called? I think so. She’s is going to start working towards her career path, since the boys are both in school and I’m home nearly all the time.

It’ll be good for her. I’ll keep you posted on if she gets the job.

P.S., Someone from Australia read every post of mine, today. I watched my views skyrocket and all of them are from “Australia,” or so WordPress tells me. So, who is it? I’m dying of curiosity!

Thank you for listening,


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5 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. NanJenni

    MaryAnne, i promise all the leftovers will be gone by dinner.

  2. Sounds like a happy productive day 🙂 If it was me with the cooking classes I would pick and book one or two depending on what I could afford and save up to be ready for more next year. Bread 2 sounds good. You could prep at home on the bready basics 🙂

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