My friend, Meg

Today was mild, not a lot going on. This evening, however, we finally got together with my friend Meg and her daughters. Her son came along as well, but it’s the daughters that are the age of my sons – it’s fun for them to get together. I took 185 pictures – quite a few of them of my friend. She was dressed in the style of the 1950s and I was in awe. She’s got the perfect body and can pull it off. She was upset at the idea of pictures but I finally convinced her to give it a go for me. Here’s some of the best ones.

Meg is a teacher – she was Caiden’s kindergarten teacher. At Reed’s Diary tonight, she took over and was teaching and explaining everything to the children. No one has ever been a more natural teacher – in my experience.

The way she walks, the way she talks. Ever bit of her screams teacher and mother. Children gravitate to her the same way they head straight towards dirt and worms. Well, like my boys do. I’m not sure about girls, I have none.

Check out her shoes. She loves those shoes; she mentioned they were her favorites.

Do you see how she moves? It screams 1950s, to me.

She was goofing off with the children.

Jumping across the old, dried out creek with the children – in a dress! The woman is amazing.

Teacher-mode, again. She starts teaching the children about the milking process.

I promised I would post her pictures in black and white, so y’all can’t see too much of who she is. However, she looked so amazing, I had to break my promise and show you a real mother, teacher, woman and friend. My boys are in love with her and probably always will be. She’s very outgoing and fun and she understands children and how they work. She’s a perfect role model and a wonderful friend. Several times, she has been understanding of my faults and loved me and mine anyway.

There’s your black and white picture, Meg. Still beautiful.

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “My friend, Meg

  1. Meg

    Thank you MaryAnne. I love those pics. Better yet, the evening was fabulous. Thank you for being such a good friend. I am humbled by your words of kindness. Your blog tonight was a gentle reminder of how blessed we are to have the friends that God puts before us.

    I love you and your boys very much. Oh and you too Jen! 😉

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