To Be Socialized

The view from my kitchen window, this morning. I don’t think the picture did it justice. I think it is quite beautiful. I feel autumn in the air every morning, no matter how hot it may or may not get during the day.

I have to thank my couple friends. I have been out of sorts, lately. I’ve been searching for my path of the future. What should I be doing, where should I be settling and thoughts along those lines. I figured I was being led a certain direction and I was hoping I was right; knowing I might be wrong.

The two days or so, I have been inundated with friendly sorts. People who have a piece of my world and my life. Even this morning, I had two of my dear friends visiting and had a great time of it. A few mishaps along the way – such as running out of oil, syrup and milk while making pancakes for breakfast and my first attempt at making crepes with gluten-free flour. That was quite interesting, all by itself!

What a time to realize I didn’t have enough milk, oil or even syrup!

The children played and the adults mingled and had a great time. I was sitting back, at times, and just watching the interaction between my friends. It was nothing short of a sign from my God, in that I saw I was needed and wanted here. In this place and time. The future? I am not sure. For now, I am here and here I will stay.

It was great to hear all the noise, the hustle and bustle in my house today. My boys didn’t stop eating. It was like they hadn’t eaten in days! I think it’s because they had such a grand time playing and exhausting their energy with their friends!

Sitting and chatting under the canopy on a warm morning with a heavy breeze. I can’t begin to describe how great it felt to see and hear these two friends of mine reminiscing as if they’d known each other forever – but only met this morning! It seems they’ve both grown up in the same neighborhood (a few years a part) and had the same friends/church family growing up. For quite some time, I sat and listened and gladly! Of course, I even entered the conversation when I spilled my coffee all over my shorts and chair at one point.

I asked Caiden to help me cook dinner. I decided to do something simple this evening and take the boys to Reed’s Dairy again, after. In my eyes, it’s not a waste of money because it gives my children additional memories of summer.

Here, we were cutting open the sausages I bought at the Farmer’s Market several weeks back. The scissors proved a little too big for him so it was an adventure watching him try to cut it and not himself.

Putting the hot dogs and sausages on the grill. Look at his little face. He was so serious!

Peeking at them to see if they are ready to be turned.

Brendan wanted to check on them, as well.

All done. Now to put them on the plate and take them inside.

Quote: “Look what I did!”

Telling daddy on the phone that he made dinner on the bar-b-que. It was really cute to listen to him explain to dad what he did.

Still on the phone. Walking around, pacing like he sees mom do when she’s on the phone.

Finishing up a hot dog that his brother made.

And, of course, we went to Reed’s Dairy. Had a good time, as always. When we got home, it was time for bed for the wee folk. I have been working on a new idea for a quilt. I found a picture in an old magazine, no instructions on how to make it, just the size. I worked on drawing it out and getting it set up correctly. Tomorrow, if Jen doesn’t drag me camping, I just might start cutting and laying it out.

I neglected to get pictures of it. I’ll include some when I get it lined out tomorrow. Again, unless Jen drags me camping. If she does, then we’ll see y’all on Sunday night!

Thank you for listening,


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