Tastes like Burnt Popcorn

A pleasant day alone with the babies. Got a bit done and feeling good about spending time with them, alone and by ourselves. It was a good day. This morning, I made bacon and french toast. I just felt like mixing it up a little. I was going to do egg and bacon but liked the idea of french toast better. The boys ate all of it except one piece of french toast, telling me, “We left you one piece of bred, Mom.” Little darlings – they should be glad I love them.

I don’t like crisp bacon but some of it turned crispy while cooking it. I think it was the type of bacon, not necessarily my cooking. That’s not the cute part. The best part of my morning was my son telling me, “Mom, the bacon tastes like burnt popcorn.”

Until a week ago, I don’t think my boys have ever had burnt popcorn. I’ve never burnt any for them. Jen, however, decided to give them a snack of popcorn a week back. I asked how long she put it in for and how was she going to know it was done. She replied, “Oh, I just pushed the popcorn button on the microwave.” I giggled, telling her she was going to burn it. She didn’t believe me.

The boys had burnt popcorn and my house smelled the rest of the day. So, now my son knows what burnt popcorn tastes like and proudly told me that the bacon I cooked tasted the same. I tried some. He was right! It did taste that way!

We spent the morning trying on clothes. I needed to see if they had enough clothes for school to start. Mostly, I was concerned with pants – they aren’t allowed to wear shorts to their parochial school. I went through the drawers and was mildly upset at the state they were in and that got me started on their toys. Complete disarray. I got it all cleaned up and sorted properly, getting rid of any supremely annoying or broken toys. I’ll have to start paying closer attention in the future.

When we were done, I fed them a late lunch and we went to Reeds’ Dairy instead of taking a nap. I ordered them a super-small ice cream in a cup and we went to check out the animals. One of the things I do right with my boys is their portion size. I do not give them a treat and make it as big as possible for them. I give them enough to put a smile on their face and not a shred more. In doing this, I am teaching them to not over indulge on their sweets. Or, so I hope.

I ordered their ice cream and reached for my money. Freezing, I unintentionally snapped at the server to,”Stop! I forgot my money. We’ll be right back!” After running home with giggling over-tired babies, we went back with my $5 and got them some ice cream.

If y’all remember, Reed’s Dairy has a walk-through where you can check out some animals. The boys and I walked through it while they ate their ice cream and I took pictures instead of indulging myself in the sugary treat.

There’s something just wrong about eating ice cream in front of the cows…

I believe they were having a staring contest with the rooster.

After we got home, I put dinner in the oven and took some movies over to a guy who buys them for a buck apiece. I had, quite probably, well over 300 movies at one point. I’m slowly whittling down my collection and bringing in money at the same time. It’s not a lot for my movies, that single dollar, but it does help out when I’m in a pinch. I’m not working, I have my VA disability and child support. Sometimes, things get tight and I dislike begging (I call it begging – they say otherwise) my benefactor for extra money when I need it. Since I don’t watch TV or movies very much anymore, why not bring in money any way I can?

I took 68 movies over there and he apologized, saying he didn’t have the funds to buy movies at this time – could I come back in a week or two? I had $8 in my bank account, I was running out of milk, had no bread and was in a pickle if he didn’t buy the movies. I’d have to explain to my benefactor why I had no money and why I was asking a bit more. They say I don’t have to do that, but I feel obligated to do so.

I was wandering around his store while the boys played with his quarter-toys and spied the china set I had seen the first time I visited his store (some 2 or 3 months ago) and got an idea. I went back to him and said, “How about a deal?” He said, “What do you want?” I said, “I’ve been looking at that china set for near 3 months. I do need a little cash in my pocket but perhaps that china set and a couple bucks?” He hummed and fussed, thought about it, looked at the china set and back at me several times. Finally, he said, “I’ll give ya the china set and a twenty. How’s that sound?” I said, “Deal!”

I’m not proud of having to sell off my personal possessions (accumulated over the past many years). However, my own stupid actions put me in this position and I’m determined to ride it through as best I can. I never sell *anything* given to me, no matter who much a penny it would bring in to my family. I only sell the things I don’t need any longer – a couple televisions that were a waste of money, some movies, old clothes and whatnot. I’m surviving, by doing this – and by the grace of my benefactor, of course. Besides, isn’t that what a 1950s (and earlier) housewife was good at – making do with what she had available?

So, without further adieu, here’s my new china set (which is Made in the USA and nearly a complete set):

Complete with gravy boat, serving platter, milk and sugar bowls and tea cups. It only has four bowls but the rest of it is so delightfully beautiful, I can put away my Mom’s china (I’m so scared to break it, I refuse to use it) for safe keeping and use this. It’s beautiful and matches the tea pot I got for $4 a month or so back.

Not the same design but definitely the same colors. I could use it quite happily. As long as the crack in teapot doesn’t come apart.

For dinner, I had cooked a pork loin of sorts. It was on sale for about $2 at Albertson’s and I threw it in the oven before going to the “secondhand” store. Two hours later and after serving my babies some cucumbers to munch on because they were starving, it still didn’t look done.

It was still pink! I was beside myself. I’m never so “uncertain” in the kitchen. I might not make gourmet meals but I do know how to feed my family in a healthy manner! What was wrong with this thing not cooking? Yes, yes, ex #1 and Jen, the oven was ON.

I called my friend Meg and she came over (Bless her!). She tested the temperature and looked at it and gave me a mild lecture about not having a meat thermometer. She pronounced it done and we ate dinner at 7:30 p.m.!

I guess I still have more to learn, eh?

Thank you for listening,


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