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Well, I may have finally figured it out. The pancake issue, that is. As you probably recall, I found a pancake mix at the Farmer’s Market and purchased it with the idea of adding it to the others I have tested and rejected. I neglected to get a picture before opening in on Monday; however, here’s the results of opening it.

(Hey, look! I finally got a watermark!)

This brand calls for being made in a blender. I was a little skeptical, being as I haven’t found a “Gluten-Free” package yet that served up as wonderfully as the heavy things we typically eat. I did, however, follow the directions and gave it a good-hearted try.

Blend, blend, blend…

When I first poured it into the bowl after all the blending, I was a little worried about how thin and liquidy it appeared. It took me a few minutes; however, I eventually remembered that the *last* “Gluten-Free” was too thick and I whined about that, as well!

Oh, wow. It looks like a pancake looks on the griddle! The bubbles popping, the edges crisping. This looks promising!

Oh, yum. It worked. The entire thing tasted wonderful and exactly what a pancake should taste like. I’ll need $15 more dollars on Saturday to buy some more of this! Of course, there’s a small problem.

I can’t take a blender when I go camping. Right now, I’ve had a batch of it made and in the fridge. It’s been there for 2 days. I’ll make pancakes tomorrow and see how it turns out after being cold and two days old. If that works out, then I’ll be able to make this stuff up and keep it in the fridge, ready to go when wanted/needed. And, it will minimize the noise level in the mornings when the babies are still asleep.

On our way home from dropping my quilt tops off at the quilter’s, we saw a “garage sale” being run out of a storage unit. Because I am curious by nature, we stopped. The gentleman used to have a store downtown and had to close it down. He put everything from his store into storage and runs a “garage sale” out of the storage as he dumps his product and shuts down his business forever.

Sounds familiar – I had a business. My own dumb-ass moves killed it. Now, I have a lot of product in the basement that I need to use and/or sell.

However! I found some Sesame books on tape and bought them for 50c a piece for my children. Brendan loved them – Caiden got bored after a little while. I think he’d rather read the book himself.

Speaking of store in the basement – it’s all quilting materials and some supplies. I had a quilting store. I was an idiot. Now, I live in a new house, have no business and roughly $15k in debt to clear my name and move forward. Not a terrible amount of debt – if I could sell some quilting supplies…

I use some of it when I make my quilts. I took a jelly roll last night and decided to work on my 1/4″ seam allowance sewing. I need to perfect that. It will help my blankets come out a little more on the side of perfect and not “disheveled.” This is my practice work:

As I said, I just took a jelly roll and sewed the strips together in an effort to practice the 1/4″ seam allowance. It actually turned out very good – even if it is hard to see in the picture. I still have half the jelly roll I can use to practice some more. Right now, I’m working on figuring out what I can do with this to display and remember during future projects.

I saw this in the store when I was getting some groceries for the house. I couldn’t resist buying it for $4 and giving it a go. I think I did “ok.” The bread crust was hard and the bread was tasty. Isn’t that the way it should be? Eventually, I will make bread from scratch. I’m working on it!

I used a wider pan than the recipe asked for. I liked it. The boys liked it, as well. The Nanny didn’t get any. She’s on vacation.

This is what I did for breakfast. It was some Greek Yogurt, a peach and some Kashi Go Lean dry cereal. On the same Dr. Oz show I saw the other day, they mentioned “turning your cereal bowl upside down.” In this, they showed, you put the fruit first. Only then do you add the rest of what you want to eat. In doing so, you’ll start to lose some of the calories you are taking in – simply because the fruit fills the bowl so nicely, you don’t notice you don’t have as much cereal or yogurt in it.

The boys ended up liking it and ate all of it. I realize it wasn’t a lot of food after being given bigger portions on other days. However, it was enough protein and carbs to fill their bellies and keep them from asking for any snacks or food until nearly 11 a.m. (3 hours).

With the Nanny gone on vacation (I keep extending it on her for reasons she’ll never understand), I’ve been doing odd things around the house. Today, I washed all the hardwood floors. Anyone who knows me has heard my lecture on why you are supposed to wash floors on your hands and knees. There are a couple reasons:

1. My mom said that you should wash the floors on your hands and knees because, if a lady came to lunch/tea/dinner and dropped her rings while washing her hands or some-such, you’d have a better idea of what she would see while she’s down close to the floor. This applied mostly to bathrooms. I find it serves very well in all areas of the house. You can’t predict what someone will drop and where.

2. If you are washing with a mop on a handle, you’re flinging dirt and water to the edges of your floor. You eventually develop a black mess in the corners of your floor and/or against the baseboards. By washing on your hands and knees, you can actually get all those tiny crevices and keep everything looking good – not just the “middle” of your floor.

3. There’s something calming about washing a floor on your hands and knees. You are down below all the hustle and bustle of the house and quietly working towards a goal – all of the floor clean. You can see a lot more down on the floor then you can when you stand up. Suddenly, the “natural” color variations on your hard wood aren’t variations they’re a stain that’s collected dirt to it since you last washed the floor. When you stand up and look, it’s a beauty to behold and it gives a sense of accomplishment.

I also did some laundry (that’s typically Jen’s job) and, while putting wash to the dryer, I found some of the boys’ clothes in the dryer. They were waiting to be folded so I pulled them out and started sorting and folding. While I was doing that, I noticed that my boys don’t have a lot of jeans for school – which starts Monday. So, I talked to ex #1 and went to look at some clothes for school. Mostly, the boys need jeans or pants. They attend parochial school and aren’t allowed to wear shorts.

I also noticed that it’s way past time for mommy to clean out their drawers. That’s something I miss (or forget) because the Nanny takes care of the laundry. I’ll be doing that tomorrow and getting it all cleaned and ready for fall and winter.

On our way to look for school clothes, the boys and I got sidetracked at “The Trackside Mall.” It’s a delightful way to spend an afternoon and spend it we did; we didn’t get out of there until well after 5 and then had to eat in town because it was too late to try and start cooking something for dinner. While wandering through this antique store, I was looking at the books and my boys were looking at the toys. Eventually, the boys started pointing out books to me so I could stop and browse through them. It was awesome.

I found the following book and paid a dollar for it. In the following picture, the J.D. Robb book is only presented as a means of judging the size of the recipe book I found. It’s not actually a book; rather, it’s a binder full of clipped recipes. The back of this little binder says, “Made in China. 1992.” In that sense, this isn’t really an antique. When I looked inside, however, I realized it was worth a great deal more than a dollar!

Very small, as you can see. Inside, a treasure of information. Most of it clipped items, not hand-written. One has to wonder where they came from.

There’s a hand-written recipe for “El’s Chicken Enchilada” and “Tamale Pie,” among others. The unique part isn’t the unusual collection of recipes in this small book. It’s the fact that there is five different recipes for “German Pancakes” or some variant of same. I’m not kidding!

This one actually has a note on it, “Karla likes this pancake much more than regular recipe.” Apparently, it’s a reminder for someone that “Karla” likes this version of the German Pancake.

Several different variations of something that is extremely similar in mixing and baking methods. I’m anxious to try out some of them. I can’t make the Dutch Apple. My firstborn is allergic to apples. Another day, I’ll explain *why* he is allergic to them. It’s actually my fault. Eh.

Anyway, it’s a delightful find and I can’t wait to go through the recipes I found and try them out. On one recipe (Molasses & Buttermilk Gingerbread Squares), it actually says at the top, “Dustin likes.” Another note for someone that this recipe was a hit.

My boys and I did get to another used store in town and find 2 pairs of pants for my youngest before heading to eat and home. We didn’t get home until 7 p.m., but we had a great time hanging out together. It’s been good for mommy and babies, the last few days.

Thank you for listening,


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