Chobani, 17g Protein

I don’t typically watch television. I find it dull and without anything decent, in today’s day and age. Of course, if I sit down in front of one, I can get sucked in just as easy as anyone else. The difference is, I don’t sit down very often.

The other day, I was watching a recorded Steve Wilkos (great guy and awesome to watch while sewing – you don’t have to “watch,” merely listen – and my only show I record and watch deliberately) and when it ended, I didn’t turn off the t.v. or pull up another recorded show. I ended up watching a show called “Dr. Oz.” I’m not sure what this “Doctor’s” story is; however, I watched nearly the entire thing.

During the show, he was talking about snacks. Healthy ones, at that. He had a guest who talked about taking some Greek Yogurt, squirting it on a cookie sheet and freezing it. Nibbling on it later is supposed to satisfy cravings for sweets/snacks/something between your teeth.

Earlier today, I promised my boys they could stay up until their eyes wouldn’t stay open any longer and then tomorrow night, we have to start going to bed at 8 p.m. in anticipation of school. They are still up and it’s 1 a.m.! I’m tired! I thought I could do it, but I’m winding down and they are still wired.

When I went shopping today, I bought some greek yogurt in anticipation of them being up all night. I picked out Chobani because of its high protein content.

I tried to get a picture of the stats on the back but it didn’t come out very well. It is 28 carbs to 17 protein. For a diabetic, that’s excellent. We can’t eat it all the time, though. It’s got 13% of your daily value of saturated fat and 7 grams of cholesterol. Of course, this is for an 8 oz serving. However, it’s a great source of protein late at night when hunger or munchies strike.

The boys and I recreated what I had seen on television:

Plastic bag with a tiny hole cut in the bottom corner for dropping it on the cookie sheet.

Drop dallops on cookie sheet and place in the freezer until frozen.

The boys loved them! I find that they leave my tongue feeling a little dry and I crave a sugary drink to refresh it; however, they kept asking for more and more and more. I limited them, just because that’s who I am. I just didn’t limit them too much.

While the boys were watching movies (as promised), I was sewing away. Still working on that “Country Patchwork” I created.

And, laid out on a twin bed set up just for this reason:

I’m still debating borders and backing. I’ll keep you updated.

We have watched The Never Ending Story I, Narnia 2 and started to watch The Dark Crystal when they lost interest. They were getting super hyper from being tired and I called it quits on the television part. Right now, they are running roughshod through my house, bouncing off the walls and trying to convince me they need to stay up “all night.”

Not going to happen… especially with the Nanny finally taking a vacation and won’t be back until Tuesday!

Thank you for listening,


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4 thoughts on “Chobani, 17g Protein

  1. Aren’t these little drops such a great treat? I made some with Strawberry CHO the other day and gobbled them all up.


  2. Sounds delicious, Chobani Frozen treats. Thanks.

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